Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Day of Thanksgiving 2013

Before we get TOO far into the Christmas swing of things (Christmas!!!! XD XD XD), I wanted to post a little about Bobo's first Thanksgiving (Julie posted a little of her own Thanksgiving thoughts here).  I would have liked to post this earlier, but Thanksgiving was so late this year, so a third of the way into December is just when it happens.

It started out with the most casual "race" I've ever run, boasting a total of over a DOZEN runners!  (There were about ten by the end, when some peeled off before the course had quite ended.)  My sister who has organizes it for several years now decided to take the casual route this year, which is just fine!  I just had to make sure to get the course right or I would lead myself astray.  Regardless of the relatively sparse turnout, I take my victories when and where they come, so I was glad to win not only first in my division, but first overall!  Not to mention one of only two men running.  Though I guess if you think about it, the little fellow I was pushing ahead of me in the stroller actually came in first.  I'm glad to come in second so he can take the title.
We finished 4m at about 33:15 if I recall. Not too bad for a stroller run.
Here's a closer look at bundled-up Bobo because he's just that cute.
And then Nora showed up and was matching!  This is not the first time this has happened.

And then at some point we just plopped one baby atop the other, and they both obviously loved that.  One day when they're all grown up they'll have to recreate this one.
What a turnout!  A fun time was had by all, and there were plenty of muffins to go around.
We didn't actually take any pictures of the Thanksgiving dinner and festivities at Mom's house, but rest assured that despite photographic evidence, great food and a fun time were had by all, The Wife's green beans and sweet potatoes were a hit as ever, and the girls won the boys vs. girls puzzle race FAIR AND SQUARE.*  Some people wondered why I kept going after we lost, but seriously, leave a puzzle unfinished, and so close to being done??  I don't think so.

4 January EDIT:  Photographic evidence!  Pictures yoinked courtesy of Cami's blog (and also remembering that I actually did take a few more at the race):
Din!  Julie's sweet potatoes are prominently featured here.  I think she's looking over to see what Bobo's up to.
And here we have a nice view of the green beans, and also of The Wife.
Jane discovered that she liked jumping on me, and then proceeded to do so, usually with a running start from down the end of the hall.  It was best when I was prepared for her arrival.  Now that I think of it, her mom used to do something similar to me when we were teenagers and I happened to flop uponst the couch.  Todd is... doing something.
Thanksgiving P.S.  We did venture out around 9 am on Black Friday, where we discovered that pretty much everything had been sold the night before, which is immensely stupid.  It's like people who actually wait until Black Friday to go Black Friday shopping are being punished for not spending Thanksgiving doing Christmas shopping.  Harrumph!  At least Target had a few DVDs that interested us and we picked up for nice and cheap.

As for the rest of things, Bobo didn't get to eat much by way of Thanksgiving dinner, but he HAS started to sample some foods here and there, including this incident of him "eating" some sweet potato:

There was definitely more on his person than in his mouth or his tummy by the end, but had had a taste and he's starting to get the hang of it, and even when he plays with it or spits it out all over his bib he's getting the idea (not to mention creating some of his very first works of art).

Last year I was this close to posting "I'm thankful for my little family." on Facebook, and I even DID post it, but then The Wife and I decided that, although just two people DO still make a family, it might get some people speculating, and we weren't quite ready to announce the imminent arrival of The Speck.  This year I came full circle by finally posting the long-lost status update, and it's as true now as it ever was last year, and even more so.

*  Okay, one of their puzzlers had worked on the puzzle before, but still, it was hard enough that that wouldn't necessarily give them a huge advantage.

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