Monday, June 1, 2015

2 Birthdays, 2 Years

These posts do seem to get combined more and more regularly these days.

Anyway, we had two big birthdays a couple of weeks ago!  We're starting to get the hang of this juggling of two special days one right after the other.  The Wife posted a fun update here, but by way of update here, I'll say that we had a lot of cake and lots of fun times.  For The Wife's birthday we had fun times at home with some fun surprises and cupcakes and ice cream (on separate outings), and then over the weekend she made one of her epic cakes (it's been a while!) and we had a fun turnout of friends and family.
Beautiful birthday girl.
Happy 1st, Wife!  Observe The Boy's leftovers on the right.
One of her favorite presents from The Husband (and The Kids)
Then on The Boy's birthday we had breakfast at Kneaders and then met up with my parents for a fun morning at the dinosaur museum (which he liked even more than he did last time), after which there were new trains and super hero getups, and then later in the week we had a fun playdate with some little friends, where bubbles and sidewalk chalk and a little chocolate cake abounded.
Fun and delicious times!
Presents and a little browniecake!
And now we have a two-year-old in the house.  This boy is clever and sweet and funny and lively, he says almost everything like a very enthusiastic question, he still loves tractors and trucks and cars and airplanes and helicopters and riding or pushing anything with wheels (especially his little lawnmower from his birthday, which he doesn't even know blows bubbles!), and he loves his baby sister.  He loves visiting cousins or Nana and Papa, he loves Nursery, and he always loved a ride in the running stroller or the car.  He will occasionally stop everything he's doing and collapse in hysterics, stretching out on the floor in his most recent version of a tantrum, but it doesn't take long for him to find something to distract him or to make his needs known.  He's putting together sentences and figuring out electronics (yikes, more reason than ever to have the phone out at an absolute minimum), and is getting pretty familiar with his alphabet and his 1-10 numbers.  He loves books, and he loves to look at pictures and videos of people he knows, especially himself.  He's done such a good job adjusting to having a little one in the house who demands so much of his parents' attention, though he's certainly not afraid of letting himself be heard!  He's just a good little kid.
Trying out baby's new bedding
Finishing up our Disney movie indoctrination education
Getting over a sad little sickness just before baby's arrival
So happy when they bounce back!
Hairy little mancub.
He's starting to do his part a little more.
Testing out his old things for Baby's future use.
A P.S. to the series.  The circle of life continues.
Just a dude hangin' out at the auto parts store.
He loves Papa's "tractor" SO much.
No way this boy's going to grow up without an appreciation of art.
This was a not uncommon morning occurrence for a while.
This kids loves having neighbors across the street with lots of fun toys.  He can't quite reach the pedals, but it won't be long now.

All by himself!  Well, he's getting the hang of it.
Starting early on our new and exciting new addition.  He loves the Tangled book for the plentiful horses.
Such a big boy with his new haircut!
Helping himself to Mommy's Mother's Day breakfast in bed.
Happy birthday, boy!  You are a sunbeam.

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