Thursday, June 11, 2015

Three Months and a Happy Face

This little girl celebrated three months yesterday, and she's doing great.  (When The Wife writes her blogpost, I'll post it here.)  She seems to have discovered her lungs, and she knows how to use them, but she's also discovered how to smile and coo and giggle and squeak, and generally just be alert and responsive and delightful.  She's sleeping pretty well, and eating just fine.  She's about average in weight, but well above in height, so she's a tall and lean girl, but she's fattening up nicely, especially in her round and chubby cheeks.  She likes to be held (and sometimes decidedly does NOT like NOT being held), and she's starting to be quite amused by big brother.  She's good in the car and she likes to be passed around to aunties and uncles and cousins and grandparents, so she's generally beloved by all.
She's becoming so expressive.
Runners-up for the blessing outfit.  Thanks for nothing, Target slow shipping/USPS.
Always so daintily clasping her hands.
So, not to change the subject or anything, but lately I've been feeling bombarded by the world.  It seems like every time I go online or scroll through my News Feed that there are a million rotten things happening, often even to my family and friends personally, and it can start to weight pretty heavily on your mind and heart.  People are crazy, ideas are crazier, wrong is right and right is wrong, and it's just getting harder and harder to say and do what you believe in (unless of course you believe in exactly what certain people allow you to).  Anyway, just when I think the world is beyond hope or redemption, I see this and it reminds me that there's great and good and wonderful going on in the world too:
We love you, Little Miss!

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