Monday, September 26, 2016

Lucky 7

Quick, before it's more than a full calendar month late!

We had our anniversary and even actually celebrated it!

On the Saturday before we dropped off the kids at Mom and Dad's house and went to do sealings:
Kissy kissy
 And then we went to lunch at the beloved Asian Buffet:
walnut shrimp *DIES*
 And then on the day of I surprised The Wife with this little number:
Like I do
Detail because sexy shoe in sexy toe point
And then we went to a work party celebrating our anniversary the new office:
He hasn't stopped talking about working at Daddy's desk ever since
And all in all we had a nice evening of free and delicious barbecue and then put the poopsies to bed and probably fell asleep on the couch because they do wear us out. XD

I do so love that wife of mine.
Lucky me.

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