Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Year and a Half for Miss A

I've been putting writing this off for far too long, and we finally had our 18-month checkup today (all good, not even a tear when she had her shot, though she was winding up and calmed just in time).

This Smooch!  We still call her Baby even though she's definitely a toddler.  She is so active and so chatty and funny and sweet.  She's great at stairs (she never did bother actually crawling up and down, thank you, baby gate), she has a great appetite (about which her brother could take a leaf out of her book these days), she's sleeping well (naps are hit and miss) and she loves her mommy especially but she's always happy to see her daddy come up the stairs at the end of the workday.  She has so many teeth and her once-dark curls have all but given way to goldilocks and she is a great sport when it comes to playing with her super-enthusiastic big brother.  She had no trouble joining him in Nursery, though she may glance back fondly as we quietly back out, which is just fine.  We can hardly believe how cute she is.  Those cheeks!  They are so soft.

Anyway, here are some pictures from the last six months:
Stormy day at the lake
Nesting at the Idaho Falls zoo
Finding the beauty of an Idaho rest stop
Checking out the postcards on her first big road trip
Hanging out with Mommy on the Oregon coast
She wasn't feeling well but didn't seem to mind snuggling sweaty post-run Daddy.
Trying out the new hiking backpack!
Bonus photo shoot because WHAT

Some arts!
She clearly had to be the first subject of my #heydrewdrawthis project
This day I came home and could hardly stand the adorableness.
So there she is, just a quick rundown of our Baby-No-More's life these days.

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