Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Few Words for Election Day Adam

(Matt used to apply the term "Adam" as the day after a holiday, since Eve indicates the day before. Anyway...)

So yeah, I thought I should say a little something about yesterday. And I mean little.

Yesterday there was a lot of drama involved in my being able to vote at all, due to car troubles. Luckily, thanks to help from Jared and Jessica, and ultimately Dad, the car started and I was able to vote! There were a total of two people voting when I arrived at 7 pm, so I had to wait a total of two seconds. Of course, by the time I arrived at my parents' place, the race was pretty much over already. It's kind of what I expected actually, but I still felt a certain pit of my stomach that hasn't exactly left, and I don't quite expect it to anytime soon. I'm not going to throw out buzzlines like "foreign policy" or "international healing", I'll just say that the burden of proof now lies squarely on B.O.'s slender shoulders. You better bring it now, man (even though last night he was already qualifying the possibility of not following through on his promised changes... "These changes may not take place in a single year, or even a single term...").

Last night I was in a right state, and it's still sinking in, but I am feeling more prepared. All I can say is that I'm amazed and thrilled about Prop 8 and similar efforts in Florida and Arizona.

So we have elected our first half-black president. Good thing race never had anything to do with it, right?...



    Ha ha. Evita surely did a lot for those people as well...

    All I was really concerned about was Prop. 8. Em had the good idea of going to abortion clinics and trying to convince people to give us their babies instead of killing them. Good idea, no?

    Like you said, lets just wait and see. Either no changes will happen, or changes that we aren't so happy about... We'll see.

  2. OMG, I do NOT want to imagine what Emily must have felt when/if she watched that video... :(

  3. Yes, hooray for Proposition 8! As for the rest of the happenings yesterday...good luck to us all.

  4. don't be so negative Drew! At least our president isn't a weasing ol' texan with his own vernacular anymore... right? hehe

  5. Hey I always call the day before Christmas Eve, Christmas Adam because Adam came before Eve. You know? Thats funny that you and Matt also do the same sort of thing.

  6. We have considered that as well, but the traditional use just stuck I guess.