Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How in the world did I live my life and complete my degree and call myself a Disney fan and think about working for Disney without ever knowing about this website??

I have already applied for six positions, and check for more regularly. Doesn't hurt to get some lines in the water, right? The other areas on the site are also rather interesting, especially regarding the officially announced upcoming projects.

On a related note, I heard a preview of the soundtrack for The Princess and the Frog on a Disney podcast and it made me squee like a fangirl. I am so excited for this movie and what it means for the industry. Just a few more weeks!


  1. Yes, why DON'T you know about it? Hmmmmmm???? Well, I'm excited for the show. I hope my kids care to see it.

  2. (This is Jake - I'm too lazy to log in) The Snow White Blu-ray has the first 6 minutes of The Princess and the Frog on it - have you seen that yet? Half of it is all the way done and the other half is the animated sketches that are still in process. If you haven't seen it, come on over and check it out!

  3. There's a lot of that stuff floating around online too, but I am certainly avoiding any and all spoilers of that magnitude! I don't want to see the movie before I see the movie, if you know what I mean.