Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Incredible iTunes

As much as I loathe almost all things Mac, anyone who knows me well knows how much I love and use iTunes, and how I treasure my iPod above almost all other material possessions. I'm a little bit OCD about how I use iTunes, and I really like to have everything labeled and organized correctly, with the corresponding album artwork appearing while a track is playing. The other day I noticed that for some reason about half of my album artwork had disappeared, much to my vexation. I started going through replacing the ones that were missing. iTunes does have a feature to look up artwork for your albums, and a lot of times, this is quite useful and accurate. Other times, it either can't find any artwork, or it will find artwork for something with a similar title or artist name, random or repetitive as the result might be. Sometimes it's impossible to understand how the program could ever mistake an image that appears as the artwork for the album I was searching, but sometimes it's so amusing, I just have to save a copy of the artwork the program retrieves.

Last night I was looking for the cover art for Linda Eder's 1991 self-titled debut album, and this is what downloaded:

I don't know who this Linda Dian is (and evidently, very few resources online seem to have any information on her), but she really made my night during this tedious, semi-pointless process.

(In case you're curious, the actual artwork I was looking for can be seen here. I know it's not her best look, but it's not her best album either. Don't make fun, I told you it was released in 1991.)