Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An Unexpected Twipost

As much as I loathe almost any and all things Twilight*, in wake of The Wife's latest blogpost, I have decided to write something short to illustrate just how far the Twi-chotics have gone. (That's a new term I've invented, isn't it great?) I will also say that I will be really glad when this movie comes out. Why, you ask? Because then we will be halfway through one of the greatest cinematic travesties of our time, and then it can begin to be forgotten once and for all.

Visit this link if you dare discover the meaning of this little gem:

I am informed there are grosser things than this being churned out by the foaming fandom. Anything grosser than this is beyond my realm of comprehension. What must Ms. Meyer feel about the hysteria she's inspired?? (Though, from the sound of things, it seems like even she's a little burned out on the whole franchise...)

Seriously, this is becoming an illness.

* Excepting, perhaps, some of those pointed out by The Wife in her latest blog project.


  1. I like how even admitted Twi-hards are repulsed by the felt womb (as seen in the comments). I think the world can universally agree that it was a bad idea. Well, aside from the maker I suppose. Almost universally.

  2. I like Twichotics. Nice. The felt womb is crazy scary. Weird.

  3. Somehow I think you'll appreciate this:


  4. AHHHH!! that womb is the scariest freakiest thing i've ever heard of!!! weirdos!!! hahaha