Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Disney Dream Portraits

A few years ago I posted a bunch of photos taken by Annie Leibovitz of celebrities as Disney characters as part of Disney's Year of a Million Dreams promotion, and recently a few more have surfaced.  A couple of these I think are kind of inspired, and a couple I think are kind of a stretch, but I wanted to post them regardless.  I think it's a really cool idea, and I'm glad to see they've released a few more.
Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens as Phillip and Aurora
Alec Baldwin as the Magic Mirror and Olivia Wilde as the Evil Queen
Jeff Bridges as the Prince and Penelope Cruz as Belle
Queen Latifah as Ursula
The first one seems to have been released prior to the following three, and I kind of wish they had used some more established and long-lasting actors for it, but oh well.  That kiss is so awkward, and she's not even sleeping.  Alec Baldwin is kind of, I don't know, ridiculous or something, but Olivia Wilde is perfect as the Evil Queen.  I like Penelope Cruz as Belle, but Jeff Bridges looks entirely too Photoshopped to match (nice work slimming down that belly).  I was surprised and impressed to discover that for Queen Latifah's shoot, they actually built a squid apparatus for her to sit in for the photos, complete with all six legs--it seems obvious it would be completely digitally-created, but not so!  (See here -- scroll down to the behind-the-scenes photos.)  Also, is it of note to anyone else that two of the features actors in this new set starred in TRON: Legacy?  Interesting.  I guess that's what you call synergy.


  1. okay... i agree on all your comments but the first one... i LOVE zac efron as prince philip.. because let's face it.. he's the most attractive prince in the disney series.. i think it fits him quite well.. and vanessa.. although not blonde.. still feels very ethereal. i love disney things like this.

  2. I guess I should say they look all right, and I don't mind that she's not blonde, but they just seem kind of like teeny-bopper choices, rather than established and legitimate "celebrities". And that kiss and that open-eyed stare are still a little unsettling.

  3. They are all very interesting... I do like you take. Well done


  4. I wonder who played Jeff Bridges's body.