Monday, March 7, 2011

No Snow 5K 2011

Last weekend we did Habitat for Humanity's No Snow Indoor 5K.  The course is completely indoors, and runs through the halls of UVU.  We ran it last year with a couple of friends, and decided to go again.  It was a little more expensive this year (still only $10), and the t-shirts were almost exactly the same (slightly different color of text, but otherwise identical... weird), but they still offered the free pancake breakfast after.  The turnout was better than last year, but there were still only a few dozen participants.  They offer two courses, one with stairs and one without.  We decided since we did the stairs route last year, we would try the other one this time, which, thanks to construction on campus, meant we did twelve laps around the student center courtyard (otherwise it would be three or four longer laps).  It was kind of difficult to keep track of all those laps, but we managed.  Like last year, the organization was really casual and relaxed--no number bibs, lax registration, no placement awards or ribbons of any kind--but at least the timers at the finish line (read: girls holding stopwatches next to pylons) were a little more on the ball, and I didn't rely on the volunteers directing the course to tell me how many times to go around, thus avoiding last year's extra lap.  For some reason, they still started the prize drawing before everyone was finished, and even then they were kind of arbitrarily handed out.
Waiting for the prizes, none of which we won this year.
I came in second overall (about 21:15), and Julie came in soon after.  It was a much easier course this time, without all those stairs, though a little monotonous as far as the scenery.  Hopefully next year there won't be construction blocking the more interesting course.  Still, an organized run is a great way to spend a Saturday morning and start a weekend.


  1. Awesome. I totally agree with your last statement.

  2. You two! Fun to run around the school. And 2nd! Well . . . 21:15? greyhound.

  3. Way to go guys. Great location, go UVU!