Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pottermore? Or Potterless?...

A week or so ago we came across the teaser website for some upcoming something or other called Pottermore.  It looked like this:
Yeah, not much there, pretty nondescript.  There were a lot of rumors online about a new Harry Potter website (eh), an interactive fan community or game of some kind (blah) or more books (wishful thinking), and I was curious, but not holding my breath or anything.  I was prepared for something not terribly exciting, but still thought it could end up being pretty cool, whatever it was.  I mean, the hype was there.  There was a link to a YouTube channel just to continue the tease, which looked like this:
It was kind of cool because as time went by more and more owls would appear, but who wants to watch a YouTube countdown for a week?  So then we kind of forgot about it most of the time, and yesterday we happened to remember, and then we realized there was only one day left, and then we kind of more or less completely forgot about it again (remember the days of yore when I would have checked this kind of thing every day just to see what new owls had arrived and what breed they were and what it could all possibly mean?  And checked dozens of websites and forums and discussed every single possibility?  Yeah, those days are pretty much gone, [sort of] sad to say) until this morning when we were like, oh right, that was announced.  So, here's the lady herself with the "big news":

Yeah.  I can't help but utter a somewhat underwhelmed "meh" at this, though I'm marginally interested in the "18,000 words of additional content including background details and settings" (though of course it could just mean another fiasco of Dumbledoric proportions).

So that's that.  It could be cool, but I'm glad I wasn't expecting something incredibly amazing.  We'll see how it turns out when it debuts this fall, but until then at least we have a pretty exciting movie event to look forward to, for which we now have tickets!  Midnight show, here we come, for better or worse (is it weird that I already feel like I'm getting "too old" for those kind of late-night shenanigans?).

And anyway, nothing can overshadow the excitement of this morning's release of brand new pictures from The Hobbit.  (That's right, I said The Hobbit!!!  Stay tuned, I'll post those soon too!)


  1. Less is more! I like those owls though.

  2. The site itself isn't filling me with glee, but as an aspiring author I'm REALLY interested in this aspect of the project. It's a potential watershed moment in publishing.