Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ride the Lightning

Last week we heard that Harry and the Potters would be stopping in Salt Lake City during their almost-60-city "Ride the Lightning" summer tour.  The Wife has seen them in concert three times already, but I never have, and we thought it would be fun (not to mention that there's always the possibility that they might not be touring anywhere nearby again).
For those who aren't familiar with them, they're a punk rock band created by two brothers (who both dress as and go by the stage name of Harry Potter, one of them Harry Potter Year 4 and the other Harry Potter Year 7) and a drummer who play and sing songs based on the Harry Potter stories.  The band has been together for 9 years (though they've been through about as many drummers) and played over 500 shows, have released several albums, and they apparently have quite a cult following.  You can find out more about them at the website linked above.
Rocking in a library because, well, where else?
Anyway, we almost decided not to go all the way up there, but last night at the last minute we changed our mind and headed up to catch most of their hour-long outdoor show.  Their kind of music isn't normally my thing exactly, but it was really fun!  The crowd wasn't huge, but it was very appreciative, and the weather and venue were perfect for this kind of event.
Harry Potter Year 4
Now that is one killer Gryffindor sax.
Harry Potter Year 7
Drummer du jour, Sirius Black!
Some of their songs are pretty simple or based on a single phrase of text or a random character, but they're amusing and catchy, and a lot of people were dancing and singing along.  They're a novelty band, but they are pretty talented.  Here are a few choice samples:

They were really funny and totally involved with the audience, I just kind of grinned the whole time.  There were people of all ages, including people with their small kids and people in costume, and some people who just happened to be walking or biking by and stopped to listen.   And it was free!  But we enjoyed it so much we bought a couple of t-shirts.  (I am just amazed that iPhones can take credit cards these days.  Wow.)
Most of their shows are at libraries because, again, well, where else?
This line took forever to get through.  Someone there had my same awesome shirt too.
It was just what I needed after a long day at work, and the perfect way to get even more in the spirit of things for the movie in two weeks.  (TWO WEEKS!!!)  And, if we learned anything from the concert, it is, as The Wife said, that Harry Potter love is alive and well.


  1. Those boys are such a couple of nuts. SPEW!

  2. That totally looks like something that the pair of us would have been ALL about back in the HAG days. I am so happy you found a spouse that can enjoy these activities to the full degree with you, if not more so. It goes to show even more that you and Julie were simply meant to be.

    (Wasn't it HAG? Harrietta & AG Potter, right? We had so, so many galleons...)

  3. That looks like a good event to get you excited about the movie!