Monday, August 15, 2011

Two Years Ago... (Or, The Best Two Years)

... I was married to the best girl in da world!  I love her so!  She is sweet, charming, talented, funny, gorgeous, and perfect for me in every way.  I just spent a few minutes looking through all of our wedding pictures and I felt such a rush of affection and memories that the workday suddenly seemed really long.
We have some fun plans in store for tonight, so I'll do a post about those after they happen, but I did have to post something right away to express my utter happiness and excitement (especially since The Wife wrote such a delightful blogpost herself today about how awesome I am and we are).

I can't believe it's been a year since we celebrated our first anniversary in Windermere (alas that we can't be somewhere quite as exotic for our second).  It hardly even seems that long since we were actually wedded (which you can read about all over again here, if you feel so inclined).  Are we still newlyweds?  Sure, why not?  We still feel like it.  :D
Now those were the Best Two Years.  (So far!)  I love you more than ever, Wife!  Let's be married forever, okay??

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