Monday, August 16, 2010

One Year Ago...

... I married my one and only.  I loved you as much as was humanly possible then, but my capacity to love expands every day I spend with you.
Wife, companion, best friend, confidante, lover, advisor, supporter, you make me a better person by knowing you.  You make me laugh and you make me smile.  You encourage me and you challenge me.  I'm ever learning to be a husband and you are ever patient and understanding.

Here's to one glorious year so far, and to an eternity more.


  1. Wow. I guess it actually has been a whole year. I remember your lovely wedding day as if it were, well, one short year ago. I was a beautiful, perfect day. Happy First, you too!

    Oh, and I commented about your comment on my last post. Check it out but don't be mad that I am trying to save money!

  2. Congrats you two love birds! Time certainly does fly. We love you guys, and hope you are having the best anniversary. Who wouldn't love to celebrate in England?!

  3. Check my latest post again for another follow-up comment! (I guess I should be writing this on FB. Oh well...)

  4. You two are, as they say in the UK, brilliant! So happy to remember a year ago.

  5. I didn't sign up for a math lesson! Tee hee.