Friday, August 20, 2010

Ye Olde Englande, Week 5: A Lot of Lakes

So, just to keep up with things, I'll give a few highlights from last week and of course refer you to Julie's blog, where she has posted another update about our recent goings-on.

As for me, the highlight for this week was of course our anniversary trip to the Lake District.  We had made plans to try to make our way to Disneyland Paris for this momentous occasion, but due to some unforeseen paperwork issues at the UK border, we were afraid that if we left the country, we might not be allowed back in.  So, England-bound, we decided to visit the picturesque Lake District.
On the walk up to Hill top, Beatrix Potter's home.  It looked like a setting out of Lord of the Rings.

Oh, that Mr. McGregor.  Such a hata.  His face also seems to have been fashioned out of some kind of gourd.

We stayed in a charming Bed & Breakfast in Windermere called the Hillthwaite House, which featured a posh dining area and a wonderful selection of breakfast options in the mornings, which included a Full English Breakfast, complete with black pudding, also known as blood pudding.  (!!!!!)  There were many lakes, but our adventures centralized at the biggest, Lake Windermere.  The town, which reminded me a lot of Park City in style and tourism aspects, was fairly uncrowded and we enjoyed taking our time there.  We did a lot of walking, rode a ferry across Lake Windermere, visited Beatrix Potter's home (parts of which are featured in many of her book illustrations), dipped our feet in the lake, had some amazing ice cream, did a little window shopping, ordered and ate way too much Indian take-away, and watched some movies on TV and from the hotel's DVD selection.  It was a wonderful, two-night stay and we were sad to go back the work the day after we returned to London.
Anyway, as you can surely tell from my previous post, I certainly adore my wife, and this weekend away was the perfect celebration to commemorate and remember the events of last 15 August, which we did in great detail in our conversations throughout the day.  Best year of my life!  (That's right, the best.)


  1. It was my most favorite wedding anniversary so far!

  2. Lovely place. Glad you had good times. Sorry about Paree.