Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Best is Back

Minor spoiler alert...

That's right, folks, the best TV that has ever been, or (I imagine) ever will be is back. After a painful eight-month hiatus, LOST is back and better than ever. With a two-episode season premiere that rivals the amazing season 2 reveal of Desmond in the Swan Dharma hatch, LOST is back and is relentless in its action, drama and mythology. The recap show prior to the premiere was great too, giving us an all-encompassing run down of the most important events of the previous four seasons, hosted by two of the show's writers/executive producers. Damon and Carlton presented the synopsis through character vignettes, rather than a direct season-by-season explanation, which really worked. We learned a few new things about our main characters, especially the Oceanic 6, and were perfectly primed for that skipping record and Dharma recording session. Holy moly, my head is still spinning. I was jumping around like a kid on Christmas morning. Honestly, if there's anyone on this blessed earth that is still not watching LOST, now is the time to start already. My brief thoughts on the characters so far: Jack is still sort of tortured, Kate and Aaron are on the run again, Sun is understandably traumatized and desperate, Sayid is more intense than ever, Hurley sees dead people (but I believe him too), and Desmond is turning out to be quite crucial. As far as what's happening on the island, Sawyer is back in rare form, Juliet is appropriately frazzled, Locke is for once at a gratifying loss as to what to do, Miles is increasingly intriguing, Charlotte is making me a little nervous, and Daniel has kind of turned into the key to the whole business. Oh, Ben, who are you anyway?

Two things to ever remember: I heart shih-tzus and beware of flaming arrows.

I'm so glad I could share this monumental moment with Jared & Jessica, Elise & Jeff, Nicole & Garrett, and Lacie & Leland. I was missing my girl, but I won't be the odd man out for too much longer. The one bright silver lining about the seemingly eternal hiatus is that we can probably expect fairly consistent episodes from now until May, rather than intermittent episodes with four-week breaks in between. Bring it, ABC!!!

Edit: Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse are executive producers as well as occasional writers of the show. Damon also is a co-creator.


  1. One of my personal favorite moments was Hurley, er, hurling that hot pocket at the wall.

  2. That was really fun to really have the LOST club all back together plus more! It was a huge party and i think that I will look forward to LOST nights more than I ever did before. You know that you aren't really the odd man out though right? Perhaps this week Kolby will come and you can snuggle with him...

  3. ...please don't cuddle with Kolby.