Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This is So Wrong

Let it be known that I joked about both of these items in the very recent past, and now here they are for real:

Is he the President of the United States or a movie star??? Is he a politician or a celebrity??? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think we ever saw President Bush on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. It's becoming increasingly obvious to me that Obama was running for Student Body President, not President of the United States. This is only one of the many undignified things I have witnessed the Commander-in-Chief exhibiting since his inauguration. This was a popularity contest, and he won it. Now, let's see if he puts soda in all the drinking fountains. Or if he just makes it legal to kill babies instead.

You know, it doesn't really bug me that Obama is being glorified and deified by the media and press, when if President Bush had done any of the same exact things as Obama had done, he would be ridiculed and scorned (can you imagine how they would have attacked Bush if he had stumbled on his inaugural protocol?). It doesn't really bug me that I keep hearing about how black people still complain about discrimination, and how Michelle Obama is a bad example for wearing clothes designed by whites or Asians (seriously, this is news?!?). It doesn't really bug me that he can get away with anything and everything and people will make excuses for him to no end.

Oh wait... All those things really do bug me.


  1. Bush never appeared on the cover of EW or RS, but he did appear on the cover of People, more than once. But can you tell me why that is "undignified," for either President?

    Also, "killing babies" is illegal. Abortion remains legal, from Bush's tenure, into Obama's. Obama has a plan to reduce the ACTUAL number of abortions, through education and social programs, rather than legislation. And I'm pro-life, for the record.

  2. Lame. It really is popularity.

    So, what in the world that people are criticizing her for wearing non-black fashions. Are they working FOR or AGAINST racism? I'm confused . . .

  3. It's undignified because it's a frothy entertainment magazine, not a political magazine. People is hardly better, but certainly not quite as bad as EW. The point is they're treating him like a movie star when he's the President, and it's clearly even more so for him than previous presidents.

    And, let me get this straight... abortion is legal, but killing babies isn't?... What, may I ask, is the difference? Oh right, a baby in the womb isn't a real baby, right?...

    And yes, Cami, which is it already??

  4. I have to say, this is really bugging me too. I have tried really hard to rally around our new president. I want to give him the time to show me what he is made of. I do want him to be a good president, because if he is not, America suffers. However, within just the first week, I find myself very worried about what he will do.

  5. You said it. Apparently, he can do no wrong. Oh brother.

  6. America feels so badly for instituting slavery that we are doing everything we can to right the wrong. I think we just wanted to prove to ourselves that a black man can become president so as soon as a viable candidate came along, everyone shouted, "I'm no racist! And to prove it, I'll deify and idolize the infallible (half) black president!" Soon, criticism will be considered racism if we keep on this path. Maybe I'll be labeled racist for even writing this.

    And true dat about Michelle Obama's dress scandal! Cami spoke true. Criticizing her for choosing a dress designed by a white/asian designer is doing nothing more than fueling the fire of racism. Oh, wait. No no. It's only racism if it's directed at somebody with dark skin.