Monday, January 19, 2009


Apparently, Tom Hanks has (very authoritatively, of course) decided that Mormons are "un-American" for our support of Proposition 8 in last fall's election.

Evidently, if you're liberal and follow the lawless standards of the world (nay, even Hollywood, for Pete's sake), that's what qualifies you as an American. If standing up for what I believe in, fighting for traditional values and participating in the democratic process makes me un-American, then I guess that's what I am.

Why do celebrities think they know everything anyway? Stick to acting, leave politics to the politicians. Heaven knows they mess it up enough for themselves. They don't need a bunch of self-important pseudo-intellectuals to help them out.


  1. I heard about this on Sunday and was quite dissapointed in Tom. I have been such a big fan of his for a long time, and then this! Tis a sad time indeed.

  2. That's it! He's off my Christmas card list.