Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

This has turned out to be the best/worst Valentine's Day ever. The good news is The Girl sent me a box with BCEs. The bad news is The Girl had to send me a box with BCEs instead of sharing them with me in person. She really likes flowers, and then we watched Pocahontas "together." Say what you will, I think it's one of the most romantic Disney movies of all.

(If you haven't seen the special edition including the "If I Never Knew You" scene, I highly recommend it. It really rounds out the relationship and story.)

Is it not ironic that I finally have a loved one, but I'm still alone on Valentine's Day? Well, not for much longer.


  1. I loved Pocahontas. Why does everyone hate it so much? And, am I out of the loop or something? What is a BCE?

  2. I totally agree, it's underrated and underappreciated, I think it's a total work of art. Who cares about the historical inaccuracy? Since when does Disney stick to the original story? The Little Mermaid died in the original version. Anyway, this might not be the best Disney movie ever, but quite lovely.

    And BCE are Best Cookies Ever (the recipe I use to make chocolate chip cookies, now famous mission-wide), and I'm sure you know of them, though you may have forgotten, because you commented on them on my mission photos.

  3. I remember when I heard that the Little Mermaid died in the opera, I was so glad that they changed the ending in the movie...Anyway. I am glad you had someone to share/not share Valentines Day with. I am sure its more tortuous than being alone, but soon this will all be behind you and you will not only have Valentines Day together, but everyday! Think of that! :)

  4. Very saddish for you. I don't think Pocahontas is the worst ever or anything. Just the same brattiness as the rest of them. It is quite beautifully done. But really, what is with animal friends? I don't get it.

    I DO however, think Tarzan is the best.