Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Wisdom of Hollywood

Rather unlike me, I kind of didn't bother myself with the Oscars this year. Usually I'm way into them and sometimes even throw some kind of party to watch them (such as the year when The Return of the King was up for all those awards... You should have seen my celebration when they announced it as Best Picture), but in recent years, for fairly obvious reasons, I've just been out of the loop as far as knowing about the types of movies that are nominated. This year I had seen all of one of the films up for Best Picture, and even less of the movies that actors and actresses were nominated for, so I didn't have as much an interest in watching. However, I did catch the last 45 minutes or so, and although I'm utterly unfamiliar with Slumdog Millionaire and while I'm quite glad that Milk didn't sweep like I was so worried it would, I literally gagged my way through Sean Penn's Best Actor acceptance speech. Is this a fluffy Hollywood awards show or a platform for uninformed, indoctrinated liberals to spout hateful, hypocritical epithets toward members of a democracy?? Hollywood openly shames traditional values, and to thunderous applause! You would think such a vehement attack against my worldview would make me feel a little more threatened...

Observe the pseudo-intellectual, uneducated, hypocritical, slobbering indoctrination for yourself:

I have a friend at school who's a self-proclaimed "liberal activist, especially as regards gay rights" (I personally think of him more as an indoctrinated, buzz-word flinging, desperate-to-prove-his-"individuality" product of the media, and said that after seeing Milk, he heard that if it had come out a few weeks earlier, the results of Proposition 8 would have been different. That, my friends, is called a propaganda film.

And, for the record, I don't find the president to be an "elegant man" in the least. In fact, during his address to Congress last night (during which I was more upset than is reasonable that he was overriding American Idol), all I could think was that he's an empty suit spouting empty promises. Once again I say, heaven help us all. (Wups, a religious reference! I'm in danger of getting slammed and lynched by the teeming, liberal masses!)


  1. You've never met me, but I've commented on your blog before. I lived in the Glenwood and we have some friends in common. I've seen your comments on their blogs and found your blog that way.

    I usually only give a passing glance to the Oscars, usually to see who gets nominated for what. I found this year's list of "Best Picture" candidates rather lame. The highest any of them got on the domestic box office receipts list was 19th (Benjamin Button). Slumdog was 27th and the others didn't even make the top 75. They failed miserably in the court of public opinion, but I guess the "Academy" knows better than everyone or something. I was happy that Slumdog won, as it seemed the best, cleanest story.

    I also was very unimpressed by Penn's remarks. It was fine to thank everyone who worked on the film and compliment them. Had he walked off the stage after that, it would have been just fine. Had he then skipped to his "courageous artists" bit, that would have been fine too. But no, he has to tell the majority of the country to anticipate shame. He had to use his moment of honor to attack and drag down those who have an opinion different than his. Instead of saying how incredible he felt, he had to attempt to make others feel bad. (Also, I have no idea what he means by "elegant man.")

    Should I feel shameful for being against gay marriage? I don't think so. I have plenty of reasons to be against it. Sure, there are lots of nice, misguided gay people and sympathizers who feel that they don't have the same rights, but that doesn't mean I can't feel that they are misguided and that those who inappropriately support this cause are doing damage to our nation and my rights.

    Shame? Not as long as I'm on God's side.

    We are lucky to have the Restored Gospel and know that we have a prophet led by God who can unequivocally state divine opinion on the matter. We know what is right and what is wrong, and to idly sit by and do wrong is irresponsible at best. I know very few acts of hate greater than idly standing by while letting someone do something that will cause immense damage to themselves, especially in a spiritual context. To say that God doesn't love them or that they have no chance to overcome their problem is wrong, but saying nothing is wrong as well. Respectfully stating our position is an act of love and kindness, and if someone gets offended by our opinion, that is their problem.

  2. Pure drivel coming from those "awards" shows. I used to like watching them until I found that it's all their buddies doing the voting. The name is the shows should be "How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?!" Or "See how great we are?" (gag). Plus, who ever said we gave a hoot about what they have to say. I don't even care what my boss thinks politically and HE pays my bills. Penn can keep his movies, awards, friends, and comments. I'm a-ok without them.

  3. Wow Mark, spot on! Just because someone is entitled to their own opinion doesn't mean they are right. Because in this world, we do believe what is right and what is wrong, and enabling our friends and fellow children of God to walk blindly into the ways of the Devil is just like you said, irresponsible. Sure, the other side has their opinions and stuff, but SO DO WE, and why should we give way to theirs when they won't give way to ours AND we know we are right, because God has told us so?

    Sean Penn can just be happy with his little statue and speeches, but that isn't going to get him anywhere closer to God...

    Also, my husband said in his talk that nothing makes Satan happier than to claim on of God's elite. I vow this day I shall never be a trophy on his shelf, and root for the other team. Right?

  4. Didn't even watch the Oscars this year.

  5. I have to say, Drew--as far as epithets go, Sean Penn's got nothing on you!

  6. So are you a gay rights activist now, Miri? I am confused...

  7. A little confused here too, I must confess, but I will say this: If they can dish it out, they can *surely* take it, right?

  8. Haha, wow, Lili... that was a pretty darn big leap of logic, even for you. I don't see what there is to be confused about--all I said was that you're throwing out a lot of names yourself (which is pretty simple to see, as it involves only a little bit of counting if you want to check). But I suppose I can't stop you reading whatever you want into that.

  9. I actually agree with Miri; I'm not sure how pointing out that Drew's epithets are way better than Penn's is pro-gay.

    I agree, as well, that Drew's are way better. "Indoctrinated, buzz-word flinging, desperate-to-prove-his-"individuality" product of the media" beats the tar out of "commie, homo-loving sons-of-guns." You would think someone who thrusts themselves in the public limelight so often would be a little more eloquent.

  10. Sorry, Miri. What I meant is a Anti-Drew activist.

  11. In order to help Mark understand a little better, I think Lili's logic wasn't based solely on Miri's latest comment, but a recent history of them. In any case, I'm flattered that my words are receiving such praise of late (even if it was sarcastic and snarky at the start).

  12. Lili, what an awful thing to say. I hope you are ashamed of yourself. I have been friends with Drew longer than I've even known you. I might disagree with the two of you on some things, but I have always treated you like my friends, whereas you have responded to me like I was your enemy. All I've ever done is express my opinion, and I have never attacked you the way you've attacked me. I think that is a pretty horrible way to treat ANYone--much less friends.

  13. And Drew, I wasn't complimenting you. Good grief. I was pointing out that, as usual, you do exactly the same thing you condemn others for, and you do it worse. If I'm sarcastic and snarky, well, I'm sure not the only one. Seriously--look in a mirror sometime. You are guilty of the same things you accuse others of, so maybe you should try to be a little more understanding of them and pray that you'll get the same treatment.

  14. Miri, it is abundantly clear to me you were being sarcastic (like I said) and not complimentary. I was referring to Mark's comment. I am perfectly aware of my faults, and I have my reasons for saying/posting what I do (as in the contents of this blogpost). And believe me, I analyze my actions regularly, or "look in a mirror," as you say. There's such thing as a wrong and right side, you know. Or have you forgotten?

    And, on a personal note, you had better watch how you talk to my little sister. Say what you will to me, but I won't have you treating her that way.

    As for all this "friends" business... All I can say is friend is as friend does.

  15. My stars,I am never ashamed to back up my brother when he is personally being attacked! I'm behind my big bro 100%! This is not the first time, either. I recall accusations towards my brother of being Un-Christlike, Bigoted, Intolerant, Close minded, etc. and I am just calling how I sees it. What was your point in posting on here at all, if it wasn't to belittle and make fun of my brother?

    So, in conclusion, anyone who truly knows me should know, when someone comes on my brother's blog just to slam him, I come to his aid. Simple as that. I will never be ashamed!

    Anyway, I am done with this silliness, so I will just take the friendly suggestion one gave me long ago, "and shove something big in my mouth."

    Plus, tonight is Lost night! Whoo!

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  17. I feel bad that people are falling into the trap that Hollywood and everybody else is setting. If you don't agree with "equal rights" for homosexuals then you are a bigot and homophobic and hateful and your grandchildren will be ashamed of you for everty every!!

    For those of you that believe, sincerely, that the Book of Mormon was written for our day and that there are lessons throughout its pages for us to learn, I ask you to read again about the Gadianton Robbers and the way that the Nephites supported them while the Lamanites did not. The Robbers eventually led to the destruction of the Nephite government and all other sorts of iniquity.

    Please read Helaman 6:34-40

    Just think about what it says.

    Oh, and the post above that was deleted was from me. I wasn't signed in correctly.