Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Linda! We Love You, Linda!"

Two weeks ago we saw Linda Eder at the Scera Shell!  She's one of my favorite artists ever!  She was so great!  She sang so many of my favorite songs!  (Man of La Mancha!  Someone Like You!  Falling Slowly!  Can't Help Falling in Love!)  She was charming and funny!  It was interesting to see her in such a casual atmosphere and such a small band (last time I saw her was at Abravanel Hall with the Utah Symphony).  The weather was perfect for an outdoor concert and we had a great picnic of Gandolfo's while we waited.

I actually brought my copy of her latest CD and decided to wait after to see if I could get a picture and maybe an autograph.  She was very clever in her escape plan, but still took literally a minute or two to greet the handful of eager and waiting fans, but announced regretfully that she didn't have time for autographs and only a few managed to get their picture with her.  I played paparazzi and took the pictures I could.  If I were a more aggressive sort of person, I might have tried a little harder to get a photo, but this was enough of a brush with any the Famous for me.  It was still the closest I've ever been (and probably will ever be) to meeting her.  It was great.

I call this one "Blurry Shot of Linda with Someone Else."
This is called "Linda Pretending to Care that This Old Man is Thanking Her for Being an Inspiration for His Daughter Who Has Been 'A Singer' for Five Years Now Thanks to Her" (I actually like this one because it's the closest I have to one of her smiling).
My proudest paparazzi moment.
This is Linda either saying "I'm sorry, I can't do any autographs tonight, my band is waiting for me!" or "Don't make me sing..."  Take your pick.
And of course, the classic celebrity get-away paparazzi shot.  People were shouting "We love you, Linda!"


  1. I liked your first draft of this post better... but huzzah for Linda.

  2. Oh, I only embellished my original idea a wee bit.

  3. Ah, your girl. Glad you got to see her. Once I stood in the rain for almost an hour to try to see the SYTYCD cast, but to no avail. Sad.

  4. Wow! I didn't know you got to see her in Orem!? I'm sure it was a great show. Lucky you!