Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ye Olde Englande, Week 2: A Lot of Moving

It's Sunday afternoon, which means it's time for another blog report.  As last week, The Wife has posted a more thorough report, which photos, on her blog at Hinkypunk Station.  She's been going to great lengths to make sure our trip is documented regularly with photos and information for all the inquiring minds at home, and it's good to know people are reading and enjoying it (and more photos are posted on facebook as well).

This first part of this week involved a lot of moving, which led to the slightest bit of stress and lugging our impedimenta all about London, but we are now settled nicely in a semi-permanent type of temporary residence situation, house-sitting for a family we met at church last week while they are in American for three weeks (I am telling you, this is a worldwide Church...  Find your local leaders wherever you are, and the Lord will provide).  We are glad to have a stable situation with an excellent internet connection for work, and a great location for the girls' commute.  We even have had a couple quietish evenings at home and caught up on our reading or watched tragic films (The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas... oh my).

The event I will highlight on this blog will be this:

I fed the birds.

If you look you can see me recognizing the splendour of St. Paul's in the lower left of this photo.
(See below for a better view of my reaction.)
The Little Old Bird Woman wasn't even there, and I had my tuppence and everything!
 But we fed the birds anyway:

We just fed them our own crumbs from our Salt & Vinegar Twists instead.  I don't know why this particular landmark seemed to have so much more of an effect on me than some others, but I really enjoyed seeing it and listening to the clock tower and having a little dinner on the steps.  We didn't get to go in yet, but we'll be back again soon, I'm sure.  It was also exciting to cross the nearby Millennium Bridge, as featured on the latest Harry Potter film.  For more, visit The Wife's blog.


  1. Oh man, even feeding the birds looks amazing.

  2. I won't even tell you how jealous I am about this. Won't even. WANT