Monday, July 12, 2010


I guess most of those who actually read this blog probably already know this, but I decided the time had come that I better make the official announcement.

Before we were married, The Wife made me promise that one day I would take her to England.  Of course, it's always been a true desire of mine to visit the UK as well, and I had no problem making this promise (though I hesitated to agree to the stipulation that it would happen before we had any kids...).  Little did I know that within a year, SHE would be taking ME.  That's right, a temporary position in London at Julie's work opened up, and we decided she might as well apply for it, and a few weeks later (wouldn't you know it?), her MLS paid off yet again and she was chosen as one of two to do some work on location from mid-July to Labor Day.  Her ticket is paid for by the company, as well as our housing and a tidy living stipend.  I contacted my employer to ask if it's all right if I relocate (since I basically work from home as it is), and she thought it was a fantastic opportunity and a perfect time in our lives to have these kind of adventures.  And of what adventures we're planning!  We're basically taking the evenings and weekends and running ourselves ragged all over the European countryside!  (We also may or may not be determined to visit Disneyland Paris for our anniversary in August...)

So, brand-spankin' new passports in hand (which came just in time, and at dear cost...), we are heading out tomorrow evening, stopping in Chicago, and thence to London!  We'll both try to keep up with blogging now and then, and post some pictures as they come.  Wish us luck!


  1. Good luck!! That is awesome. I'm jealous! I hope you guys have an amazing time!

  2. Wow! Have a blast, you two--you will love London.

  3. Good luck out there... Say hi so my Neice, Sister Kristen Christensen if you see her...missionary wise.