Monday, July 19, 2010

Ye Olde Englande, Week 1: A Lot of Towers

Our first weekend in England has already come and gone!  We've been seeing ever so many famous things!
The queen was in, but we decided not to bother her.  Maybe we'll drop in for teatime on our next visit.
 In case you missed it in the shot, I'm pointing out Big Ben for you.
Saying goodbye to the interesting, dramatic and very old Tower of London.

I have really enjoyed running through Hyde Park in the mornings and the lovely, cool weather.  I'm a little surprised that there aren't more, you know, English people here, but maybe once we get outside of the central London tourist-type area we'll see more of them.  We're getting used to the tube system and making good use of our road map.  At the moment we're playing a sort of Musical Lodgings game, but we ought to be in a pretty good situation in just a couple of days, at least for a week (details to come).  I have decided rather than spending the time to unnecessarily blog and post pictures, I'm just going to link everyone to The Wife's blog, where she is planning to post at least every weekend to keep people up-to-date with what's going on here.  (Also, I think her blog deserves a little more traffic anyway.)  I guess if something comes up that I want to write about specially (like something that happened to me while Julie was at work), I'll do that too, but I'll at least post every week to direct you to Julie's newest post and put up a couple of pictures.  She also has been posting a lot of photos on facebook, so you can find them there.

So here it is:  Hinkypunk Station.  Enjoy!



  1. Yes, I will read her's instead. I'm glad you guys are doing so many great things! Did you see the Orangery during your run?

  2. I didn't see it on my run, but we DID go by it on our walk home from church. For some reason I thought it was some little food stand where we could pick something up on our way home, but we saw it was a fancy dining establishment. We'll definitely head there at some point though.

    (P.S. "Her's"? Now, really Cami!)

  3. Looks sweet. I was wondering why there weren't living quarter pictures up, I will check out Julie's blog for them. Have fun you two! Are you going to go to a musical in London?! You should!