Monday, August 9, 2010

1st Annual (and Probably Only) Graham Regent's Park 5K

Okay, so we did have plans to find an actual 5K for August to continue our at-least-one-5K-a-month goal for this year, but I was kind of afraid that our Saturdays are going to be rather full for the next little while, and I didn't do enough looking around, so we just decided to organize a little 5K of our own.  There is still the chance that we could find one, but just in case...
We took a nice course I had mapped out and run a few mornings around nearby Regent's Park, with great views of the ZSL London Zoo and some of the park's gardens, fountains, ponds and surrounding estates.  With only two participants, we were both sure to rank pretty high overall, or at least in our age groups.  As it happened, Julie ended up placing first overall, with me right behind her (time approx. 30:45).  It was a great outing, and we sealed the deal by having hole-in-the-bread and a bowl of cereal at home after.

(But seriously, the really funny thing here was that as we started our run, we actually did see a big group of runners in the park wearing number bibs, apparently running some kind of organized race.  I kind of kicked myself the whole time that I hadn't checked around more, but then it might have been kind of expensive or maybe not even a 5K or whatever.  Maybe I should have done a little more research, hmm?)

It's crazy to think that we'll be home in plenty of time for our September race!


  1. I love it! A CAPITOL idea indeed. Congrats to you both on you wins!

  2. Very fun! We'll miss you guys on Saturday.

  3. Glad you got one in. BTW I am running the Alpine Days 5K Saturday. Today I did my neighborhood 5K in 30:34. Ha!