Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ye Olde Englande, Week 4: A Lot of Revolutionaries

This was a busy and interesting week!  A couple highlights include the following:

As The Wife had never before seen Les Miserables, we were determined to see it at some point during our trip, especially considering it's currently celebrating its 25th year in production.  We found a pretty good deal on tickets, and enjoyed our balcony view of (almost) the entire stage.  The cool thing about seeing shows in London, as opposed to a touring cast, is that you a lot of times will see names and faces you recognize from other cast recordings (I recognized Valjean as the original Chris from Miss Saigon and Javert as the original King Triton from The Little Mermaid as well as a couple other shows).  We both enjoyed it, but I think we both decided that it has its flaws.   It's a little bit too much information and so many characters squeezed into three hours, which leads to less character/relationship development, especially in the second half.  It also seems like if you've seen Les Mis once, you've seen it a hundred times--it's exactly how you picture it every time, and no matter where, you see it.  Still, it has some very good music, and I still felt chills all over during the finale of Act II.  It was also great to catch some local pho at the Vietnamese restaurant across the street.

"One." (as in "Day More")

We also had a great time over the weekend exploring Westminster Abbey (Poets' Corner!) and Oxford.  We have also moved into another (our fourth and last) dwelling place.  It's so deluxe!  It's spacious enough to be comfortable, but small enough that we can get around and find what we need when we're on the go.  And the internet connection is glorious, fast and consistent!  It's very convenient for my work situation.

 Dinner in our new place!
John Locke!  In the Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford!
At the Bridge of Sighs.  Get it?  I kiss her and she sighs.

As ever, see Julie's blog for more details and facebook for plenty of pictures.

More fun things planned for our final weeks!  Stay tuned!


  1. What?! Week 4 already? Well, look at you two, though. Seeing the sights, attending the musicals, eating the indigenous foods, sighing at the bridges. Making the most of your trip. Enjoy!

  2. Looks like you're having a rad time.