Wednesday, June 25, 2008

An interesting conversation

After reading Matt's series of bizarre and interesting messages left on his phone obviously for someone else, I was quite surprised when I had my own series of misdirected text messages! Here is the dialogue, between me and Mystery Texter:

MT: Hey bro guess who?

Me: Erm... Walt Disney?!?

MT: Umm...starts with an h.

Me: Harry Potter! Of course, that was my next guess.

MT: I was thinking down the lines of hot stuff...

Me: Oh, of course... Also know as?...

MT: Hata

Me: I'm not a hata!

MT: Are too. What u doing?

Me: Working, getting ready to mow the lawn. You?

MT: Who dis?

Me: You tell me, you texted me first.

MT: I think i got the wrong number.

And there you have it. This is somewhat amusing, but mostly annoying because it cost me some of my precious reservoir of allowed texts! I never know when people call or text me, because they could be mission friends or something, whose number I don't have yet.

But snaps to them for use of the words "hata" and "dis", and of course for referring to themself as "hot stuff."


  1. I"m going to start calling you hata.


  2. That was ME, couldn't you tell??

    OK, it wasn't, but that's funny anyway. I will look forward to my own series of misdirected text messages.

  3. I love how my cell phone message says "Hi, this is Mandy..." and they still leave a message for Jose or whoever they were trying to call. I also hate misdirected text messages, since I don't have texting on my phone anymore. Grrr.

  4. That is probably the best thing ever. That person texted the WRONG person when he texted you. Hata... that is awesome. I love how you replied so shocked and angry when accused of being a hata. I wonder who this hot stuff is though. A mystery indeed.

  5. A feather bed is a feather bed! ha ha ha ha ha! I am so glad you have joined the blogging community, if not just for your comments.