Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I know the last post is still pretty fresh, but I came across this when looking at Elise's favorite videos on youtube, and was blown away! I mean, I can understand that Corinne's talent took me by surprise, I really just don't know her all THAT well, but I have no excuse for not realizing Cami had it in her! Fantastic! Especially for a ward function. It reminds me of when Cami played Sister Mary Leo in Nunsense. I just burst with pride every time I watched her dance ballet in a habit.

It is also a pleasant surprise that Cami is enough a fan of Wicked to put this together. Well done, both of you, and good job for the nice intro, Jake.


  1. Oh dear. I was hoping this video would fade into the past . . .

    But on the good side, look how skinny I was!! (And that was before I lost all my weight.) On the bad sad, I am no soprano, I had a sore throat, and we rehearsed that song ONE TIME! Ah well. It was good enough.

    Drew. I have seen Wicked twice in the theater and listen to the soundtrack regularly. I guess I can be considered a fan by now!

  2. Cami - you must stop making excuses for your fabulous performance :) Drew, I had a small laugh to myself when Cami told me you posted this. AHH the things we do for ward talent shows :)