Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kuab Ci, the Athlete?

Okay, so as for my first quarter of a decade of life, I have been a rather decidedly unathletic person. It didn't really bother me (after junior high) that I wasn't worth much on the basketball court or the football field, and really, I have other interests that I would much rather pursue than watching the game or ESPN. So why, then, in my later life, am I finding myself ever so slightly more drawn to the sports that had for so long held no interest for me whatsoever? I blame the months spent as a missionary.

As you all probably know, once a week is Preparation Day for missionaries, which usually consists of laundry, letter-writing/emailing, car-washing, and then various and sundry activities, most often resulting in a game of basketball with the other elders. Not wanting to be a stick in the mud, especially since it would most often make the teams uneven, I would play along, even though I didn't feel entirely comfortable with my skills. After several minutes, however, I would lose interest. Enter Elder Hood in Sheboygan, and with him a sudden inexplicable and ever so subtle liking of athletics. I even went so far as to buy some exercise clothes and almost looked forward to our weekly volleyball/basketball nights with the Hmong kids. Elder Hood was even able to do the impossible and not only get me to play one-on-one, but even enjoy it a little. I think it's because he took me relatively serious, and was able to give me pointers and advice without seeming frustrated or annoyed at my lack of skill. He even said I made "leaps and bounds in the basketball department (no pun intended)".

Anyway, the interest in basketball itself didn't really last, and really, sports in general don't really float my boat, but every area I served in after that had some sort of regular volleyballing. I was okay at the start, but like anything, the more you practice, the more you improve, and Hmong kids are REALLY good at volleyball, so it was great practice to play with them. And now, to this day (perhaps it's the Hmong-ness that has been infused into my blood), I could play volleyball all day. I never thought I would feel this way about any sport whatsoever, let alone admit it aloud and as publicly as can be, but after tonight's weekly Singles Ward volleyball night, I felt like it had to be said. One of the "Movie Moments of my Life" happened when I served the winning point at Hmong Conference in Appleton. Also, when playing with the young single adults (as opposed to the Hmong), I'm considerably, relatively more apt. So there you go, I love volleyball. I still get annoyed at the importance that society gives sports in general, but at least now there's one in which I enjoy participating. One unexpected lesson from the mission. Who am I these days anyway???

Plus, I've always been good at keeping score. I always felt like I had to be an asset in some way, and counting is easy, as long as you pay attention.


  1. How exciting to actually enjoy a sport. I'm still in the phase where I no interest so I think I'm sticking to Wii. I'd like to see you play volleyball sometime. I'm sure it's a sight to be seen. Now that you are slightly sporty we need to convert you to ankle socks.

  2. Volleyball is great, I am glad that you decieded that you like it. You are quite good, and you are right, I am sure you will like it more the better you get.

  3. Cool! Sports can be really fun when you have a few skills, know the rules, and play with others who can also hold their own. Jonny loves volleyball and I wish I were better at the game. Put up a net at Mom and Dad's and let's play, why don't we?

  4. Volley Ball seems like a good sport for you. What about tennis? You should get into that, because then you and your wife can play that for the rest of your life. Fun times. Volleyball is an awesome sport. My hubby has been known to spike a few balls at intermurels. We should have a tournament.

  5. I loves me some volleyball! I was good at one point in time, but I'm not much anymore. I still love it though, especially out on the grass just for fun. We need to get a game going sometime. :D

  6. Very nice that you found a happy sport place for yourself. Don't worry about not caring about sports. Everyone has their own thing. Jake is ridiculed at least weekly for his love of musicals and Celine, and yet, he is much more excited about those things than sports lately.

    ANyway, back to sports. I always say, it's more fun to run with a BALL than just to run (meaning soccer). It's just better to exercise doing a sport than to do something monotonous sometimes. Have fun!

  7. Drew! Remember when I asked if you'd do a special project for me sometime? A picture book of her lullaby is exactly what I had in mind. But I didn't think about illustrating all the other songs too. I love it! Perhaps you could draw up a few sketches in your spare time??

  8. I solemnly bear witness that Drew really did have the movie moment at Hmong Conference. It really was incredible.

    Unfortunately, the volleyball spirit hasn't really caught me and I fall down. But, I have come to like basketball a lot more since the mission. Why is that?

    1. LOLOL! Hasn't caught you and you fall down.

      I haven't played volleyball in at least five years.


      I still love it though.

  9. EMILY. I have no intention of converting in my choice of sockwear! That is all.