Thursday, August 14, 2008

Coming Out (and Related Stories)...

Well, I hesitated for a moment before posting this, but I figure it's going to be pretty much public knowledge by the weekend anyway, so...

A few related incidents concerning relevant events have happened in the last few days. First, on Monday, Dad went to the Affirmation press conference in Salt Lake City. For those who are unaware, Affirmation is a group of GLBT LDS people which insists that the Church change its time-honored and God-inspired doctrine on homosexuality in the LDS Church. This apostate group promotes false ideals, maintains that the Church is incorrect in its standards on this issue, and are trying their darndest to pressure the General Authorities into changing true doctrine so they can validate and rationalize their indulgent lifestyle and the anti-Atonement doctrine of accepting sexual abnormality as natural and even preferable, rather than believing in the power of and ability (and necessity) to change. They believe in the Church, somehow, yet insist they are mistreated and that the light by which the Prophet et al. are working is incorrect (??). They apparently had a meeting scheduled with Church leaders, and even though it was canceled (could be just postponed), they decided to hold their whiny press conference anyway. Here, as predicted, they responded to press questions and spouted loaded rhetoric and overblown statistics. Dad was in attendance, and was able to observe their false and half-true statements, as well as ask some questions of his own, and they actually revealed a rather significant part of their agenda--the eventual allowance of gays and lesbians to be married and sealed in the LDS temples. As shocking as this may be for some people, remember that this has been a goal of theirs for quite some time, and they truly believe that President Monson is the chink in the armor that they need. With new leadership came a renewed effort to pressure the Lord's kingdom on earth into accepting errant sexual behavior as normal. I feel for these people, and can actually even understand part of their point-of-view, but they need a reality check--it's not going to happen. Read for yourself. Later in the day, after Dad handed out his card to some of the audience, including press, he was contacted by Katy Carlyle of Fox News to do a short interview on the street in downtown Salt Lake (apparently the Church was either unwilling or unprepared to present a statement on the subject at the time...). Part of it appeared on the 9:00 news that night, in a short but positive segment,which can be seen here, and the interview in its entirety later appeared online, which can be seen here. I think people are starting to realize the seriousness of these groups, as well as the ludicrous nature of their demands.

Second, as a result of Dad's appearance at the press conference and on the news, he was contacted by Brandy Vega from KJZZ, asking him, me and Mom to appear on their Sunday morning show, Utah Matters. Apparently, they had a fellow from Affirmation on last July, and it was time to show the other side. Let me say here that such a show of balance is all but unprecedented, as far as we've experienced. We've been interviewed for radio and newspapers and such, and once even were interviewed at length in our own home for TV, but the powers that be always seem to cut us at the last moment ("too controversial", they bleat). Now, at last, it seems that our side is going to be heard! It was a slightly disconcerting decision to remake, trying to decide if I'm going to "come out", literally as out as you can be, appearing on public TV, but I decided that it's worth it. And besides, with the book coming soon, the revelation is ultimately inevitable. (For those who still don't know, our story can be read here.) I think it's time to step out from the shadows, as it were. Heaven knows the Affirmation fellows aren't hiding out. So we had just a short amount of time to get across a lot of our thoughts, but they inform us that we will definitely be aired on the Sunday morning segment at 9:30. For those who are otherwise occupied and are still interested in seeing quite a revealing and truthful bit of TV, it will surely be available soon after on the website for our foundation, The Standard of Liberty. Brandy was quite lovely, and really wanted us to have a chance to get our main points across (refreshing, from the press), and even mentioned the possibility of having us back for future appearances. She was sensitive to the subject, but we assured her we were ready to discuss it. A few plugs for our books, and we'll be on the air! An interesting coincidence is that one of the guys behind the cameras at the studio was Chase Cheney, a longtime family friend. It made it even that much more personal to talk about everything in front of a camera.

And finally, on the way home from the studio, we heard that the Church has released a new official statement on the divine institution and true nature of marriage. It is great to read, and is definitely a step in the right direction. A clear, unambiguous statement regarding the nature of homosexuality is still somewhat absent (meaning, one that groups like Affirmation couldn't possibly twist and manipulate, which, believe me, they do, to further their causes), but it will eventually just have to appear. Elise also found a website that states uncategorically that no one (period) has ever changed from gay to straight. Uh... yeah, do your research.

Again, I really hope the best for people who are troubled by this. My views may seem harsh, but I'm talking about behavior here, not people. And make no mistake--there is help for those who want it, and don't you dare tell me I don't exist.


  1. I just watched all the videos. Way to go and bravo for being so brave. It's sad but true that you are on the unpopular side of things. Good luck.

  2. Oh, and let us know when we can watch your interview.

  3. It was good to see the right side of things being represented in the press. I hope things continue to go forward the way the church hopes it will. What am I saying? Of course it will.

  4. Awesome! This is great news. Can't wait to watch the interview. We are all so proud of you three.

  5. I really liked the interview your dad did. He did a great job. I so admire you and your parents for speaking up when others would have you be quiet. It takes a lot of courage.

  6. Thanks, one and all. We should be aired tomorrow morning... I'll let you know how it goes and as soon as there's a video available online.