Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Post-Olympics Past Blogpost Update

Regarding the casting of the following photo by Annie Liebowitz for Disney:

I posted this and a bunch of other gorgeous Disney photos several weeks ago, but only this afternoon did I realize who had been cast as the merman in the foreground (after hearing it reported on a Disney news podcast). In light of his undeniably incredible performance in the most recent Olympics in Beijing, who wouldn't recognize Michael Phelps's name? At the time I posted these photos before, he was all but unknown by many (maybe even most?), but now he's a record-breaking world champion. Just thought I would point that out, mostly because I thought it was amusing what a difference a couple of weeks can make in cases such as these. I suppose the other swimmers are supposed to be well-known athletes as well, but I don't recognize them either.

So whaddaya know? I thought I had never really bothered to blog about the Olympics, and I blogged about them after all! Sort of. And for the record, I think it's very strange when fangirls go on and on about how "hot" Michael Phelps is. He's really cool and extremely talented, but actually quite a goofy-looking fellow. Someone gets a little spotlight, and they suddenly become attractive! Rather an amazing phenomenon actually.



  1. Drew, Drew, Drew, they are not looking at his FACE! To quote Seriously So Blessed, "What's the best thing bout the 'lympics? Mikey Phelps? Mikey Phelps's shoulders?" etc. So, he is muscular, you see. Plus, with goggles and a cap on, and dripping water with a determined look, anyone can look "hot."

    That's funny! Jake and I thought it was Adrian Brody.

  2. Phelps was awesome in the Athens olympics too...against the Thorpedo!! Oh man... I miss the olympics so bad already. Come on next winter!

  3. I did not know that.

    And Cami, before I recognized the name, I myself thought he looked like Jim Halpert in this photo. He does also look like Adrian Brody though.

  4. KC knew it was MP last time you posted. I, of course, hadn't even heard of him yet. And I think he looks kinda weird, like Elliott Yamin before his teeth got fixed. He sure can swim tough. Maybe the shape of his jaw and teeth help him cut through the water faster.

  5. It's a good thing they got him back to the water so quickly after the Olympics!


  6. I had some vague idea of him being a really good swimmer, but I never would have recognized him based solely on looks.

    And he is SO endearingly goofy-cute, like Jim Halpert. I just want to hug him and put him in my pocket, all six feet and four inches of him.

  7. Awesome. And I agree about what Cami said. No one notices his face with his bulging muscles.