Saturday, August 23, 2008

It is My Great Pleasure to Introduce you to... UPDATED

Sheng Milicent!

It arrived late afternoon yesterday, and this is my first blog post written using it. It's a Compaq Presario CQ50, and its name was a subject of much internal debate and back-and-forth (both names are kind of a long story, but if you really want to know, maybe I'll tell later...). It was a really good deal (and even included free shipping!), and arrived in quite a timely manner. 200 GB hard drive, 3 GB memory, DVD/CD LightScribe burning drive, Windows Vista, 15.4" screen, etc. I'm loving it so far and having a good time transferring pertinent files from my dear desktop, which I still love and which is actually running quite well to date, to my new and portable notebook. Vista is taking some getting used to, but I think it's still cool, and undeniably gorgeous. Oh, how many times did I wish in undergraduate school that I had a laptop? I think it will be so convenient and make things a lot easier, but I'll also have the advantages of keeping a base station here at home.

Now all I'm waiting for is my wireless mini mouse and itty-bitty webcam to arrive from China or wherever.

Yay for a new toy. It's entertaining, and practical!

UPDATE: A few more specs, as were requested:
  • AMD TurionX2 RM-70 Dual-Core Mobile Processor (2GHz)
  • Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 1
  • 3072MB DDR2 SDRAM
  • 15.4" (diagonal) WXGA high-definition BrightView widescreen
  • HP Imprint finish with integrated microphone
  • Integrated 10/100Base-T Ethernet LAN modem
  • 802.11b/g WLAN network connection
  • 200GB (4200 rpm) hard drive
  • Six-cell Lithium-Ion battery
  • Double-layer DVD±R/RW SuperMulti drive with LightScribe capability
  • Nvidia GeForce 8200M graphics
  • 5-in-1 digital media card reader


  1. A suggestion for you. If a program is not working correctly, whatever the problem, try right clicking on the icon and saying "run as administrator". That's right, in Vista, even if you are the administrator, you aren't really! If that fixes the problem, then you can right click and under preferences set it to always run as administrator. That means, however, that you will always have to give it permission to do so. Also, under the start menu, there is an option that says "default programs". If you want your default browser to be something other than IE, you have to set it there.

    And what about processor speed and video card? Those are the FUN specs! Yes, I am a geek, but too lazy to just look up the stats on Compaq's site.

  2. You are having problems with Vista? Hmmm. To be expected. You should have gotten a Mac. :)

  3. I didn't say I was having problems with Vista, I said that it was taking some getting used to. Truth is, by now I'm quite into it. Hurrah for Windows!!!

    And thanks for the tips, Mandy, I will keep those in mind.

  4. Ooo, so shiny and pretty! I am jealous of your huge harddrive and oodles of memory. But at least mine is pink.

  5. I think your computer's loon bay is pretty high. Sheng Milicent. She sounds pretty and fifteen.

  6. Your computer is so stupid! I can't believe you would by a Compaq! Only the simple narrow-minded intolerants would dream of buying one of those. I agree with vanae when you should have purchased a Mac. The free-minded, "I'm down with anything, throw caution to the wind!" folks understand the true beauty of a Mac.

    Enjoy your baseness. Can't wait to slam more posts of yours knowing they'll come from that puke box you call a computer.

  7. Macs are pretty, but I don't get the big deal about them. I've used them quite a bit, mainly in labs, over the years and as far as lab computers go, they've frozen or crashed more often than the PCs. But they are pretty!

    But really I don't think it matters anyway. Macs, PCs...they're both computers.

  8. Yes... I couldn't get a Mac, I just... couldn't. Like Control said, they are "pretty" (if you like the look of using a toy computer), but I prefer Windows to the Mac operating system. Even in my animation labs at school, most of the computers used for rendering were PCs. Go figure.

  9. And alas, mine isn't pink... I'll live.

  10. Vista was annoying to me for a while, but that is a great tip from Mandy! I shall have to try it. I've had my computer actually tell me a couple times that I don't have permission to do something... Well if I don't have permission, who does?? Silly Vista.

    Yay for your new lappy! I was SO EXCITED when I got my first one, I could barely stand it. Yours looks kind of like my current one, which I bought 50% because it's pretty. :)

  11. Yeah, Vista tried to tell me that I didn't have permission to do stuff. I actually had to create a new account and delete my old one. :P
    However, Macs aren't free from issues either. I'm one of the "techs" at my school, and I have to use a mac all the time, and I've gotten the "blue screen of death" equivalent several times, and my programs freeze up right and left. Computers all have issues, it's mostly a preference thing.