Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Productive Day -- UPDATED

Things I have taken care of today:

So, I guess I'm back on my way to Provo again for sure. I really hope my mission friends are still planning on moving there with me, because it took some real searching to find a place with more than one opening for a decent price.

I also freed myself of a project that I am unable to deal with at the moment. I feel like I accomplished quite a lot today! Now and then I just feel driven. Could be by unnecessary panic.

Update: So the apartment I had turned out to be a bust. Luckily they didn't process my application so there was no need to deal with refunds or broken contracts. I found a house for me and a mission friend to move into. Good location, reasonable price (they have just gone up since I was in school!), and it looks like a nice place! The landlord even threw in a nice giftcard from Target for both of us! As if he needed to provide incentive... There were a lot of people interested in the spots. I'm glad to live in a house instead of an apartment for a change, should be fun.


  1. That's kind of funny. I realize you probably just put that picture up to illustrate getting an apt. in Provo, but I lived at that particular complex for about a year in the early 1990s.

  2. Interesting! I actually did sign a contract at that very place. How did you like living there?

  3. Great news! It's always nice to get those kinds of things done.

  4. No complaints about the apt. I had a couple of roomies from Hades, but a couple others who were easygoing, so I guess it evened out in the end. Short walk to downtown (and, these days, the Provo library) and a quick bike ride to campus.

  5. Isn't FAFSA a lifesaver? It is such a big help I don't know how we'd get by without it!

  6. ADB Pres: "Hello one and all. I know every one is thinking it, so I will just cut right to the chase. This blog has little material to work with."

    ADB #1: "Yes, I guess this is kind of the down time right now. But can we still do something about it?"

    ADB #4: "Are you all crazy!? There is plenty to work with! Fafsa!? A new computer!?! An APARTMENT! Let's milk it for all its worth!!! Attack Drew when he least suspects it!"

    ADB #6: "Yeah, we could bash him for all those things! Here are a few that I came up with:
    Hey Drew, good job, you signed up to live in a dirty apartment with other smelly boys. Good job."

    ADB Pres: "Yes number 6, that sounds good, but I still think we should stretch it out. The longer we hold off, the more powerful our next attack will be."

    ADB #3: "We could just pop in with a little jab, like tell him to shut up and no one cares."

    ADB #2: "True, I don't like all those nice comments piling up."

    ADB Pres: "I stand firm. We will let this one fly, as much as it would be glorious to bash Drew. We will come in strong next time. Everyone write down 5 witty comebacks to the phrase 'why is this any of your business.' Meeting dismissed."

    ADB #4: "It's about time! Pokemon is paused on my tivo, and it will only be saved for the next 20 minutes!"

    ADB #1: "Sweet man. I will bring the sqeeze-its and otterpops."

    ADB #6: *writing* "Because I am so cool... Because... I can play the recorder... Because your mom..."

  7. Yes, being anonymous is great.

    Drew, come now, an HP? Those are so stupid. You have horrible taste in computers.

    Free money for college is stupid. Why would you apply for fafsa. Only stupid people need money. Money is stupid. You have bad taste in money.

    And as apartments go, I bet that apartment is dirty, and smells bad.

  8. Oh, posting as me, very Mature. You are all babies.

  9. Look, I can be anonymous too! I'm such a stud, risking mockery and belittlement so I can stand up for my First Amendment right to make stupid comments on the blogs of strangers! GO ME!

    I'm gonna go watch Star Trek reruns now. But BEWARE MY WRATH.

  10. Ooo, what a lovely new computer! Do you have a shiny name to go along with it, or is it just me who names objects?

  11. Anonymous... What has happened to you?? I feel like I don't even know you anymore! What ever happened to that sweet, sassy girl who at least SEEMED to TRY to make sense in her ramblings and inexplicable denying of my opinion? Now you're just all over the place.

    And, Control, you're not the only one. My sister once, in a fit of madness, named her laptop Edward. Amazingly, it died soon thereafter. I wouldn't be able to handle being named after a sparkly vampire either. Yes, a name for my new acquisition is in the works... I think it'll have to wait until it's sitting in front of me. I'll know what to call it when it arrives.

  12. My new laptop is named Truman. Which will probably be the name of my first born son as well.

  13. Drew, your post means nothing to me so therefore it is irrelevant.

    But I think you should name your computer Anonymous, after me.

  14. Beware! Living in a house will spoil you for apartments ever afterward. :)

  15. I'm confused as to why anonymous keeps writing you if she detests your writing so. Or I guess detest is too harsh a word, for what she is feigning is total apathy for all of your ideas/opinions. I wonder then, why she feels the need to frequent your blog so often and read what you post. Something interesting to think about, to be sure, although not something I want to spend much time on. After all, I don't want her to think that I stay up at night thinking of rebuttals the way she obviously feels the need to do. Haha. Anyway, I'm glad you were so productive, and even more glad that you are going to live near me. That's fun.