Sunday, September 14, 2008

The College Years: Back to School

Time for my first installment of Kuab Ci: The College Years! It's been kind of an interesting experience going back to school. A little bad, a lot of good, but mostly the time back has just made me think about the future and what I'm going to do with my ever-lovin' life. I'm enrolled in five Psych classes, aaaaand that's about it. It makes my head hurt sometimes but I am working hard and after two weeks I can gladly say I'm still caught up with reading and homework! (Now, if only I had all of my books...)

In the last two weeks, I:

  • Shaved. *sob*
  • Bought almost all of my books online, for the first time (I usually just like to get them all at the bookstore, but five books at 150+ each, no chance. I bought online and saved at least $300, and they'll all here by now but one).
  • Moved into a house south of campus (A total of NINE guys live there--three shared bedrooms upstairs and three private rooms downstairs, three bathrooms, two kitchens, actually pretty spacious). It's a 15-minute walk to school, five-minute walk to Elise and Jeff's house, and really pretty close to a lot of my friends who moved to Provo.
  • Worked out my class schedule (which includes two night classes, but also features a Friday completely free of classes).
  • Attended FHE (seems like a nice, varied group of students).
  • Made callbacks for Concert Choir (at which I thought I was a shoe-in, due to the shocking, American Idol audition-esque display there), but did not make the final cut (the reasoning given: Recent shortage of basses has made competition for other sections quite stiff, and apparently, "when you're up against people who have taken voice lessons for ten years or are vocal majors", your chances are even smaller... Turns out there are BYU choir politics after all, even if it means there's a weaker choir as a result. She said if I were a bass I would have been in like *that*. Whatev. She offered me a spot as Tenor II in Men's Chorus, but the time slot wasn't good for my schedule, and I decided to try to concentrate on getting into grad school this semester).
  • Looked for new work (I told Jandaco I'm still semi-available during school, but I think they hesitate to contact me in case I'm too busy).
  • Helped Elise and Jeff through their bad scooter accident (Luckily, Lacie and I were half a mile away and could rush to the scene immediately). I was terrified when I saw the ambulance and police lights, but they were incredibly fortunate to have suffered relatively minor injuries (in Lili's case, well, none, and Jeff is such a good sport to be bound by two slings).
  • Finished one George Orwell book and started another (what a writer! And I can't believe I've never read Animal Farm or 1984 until now).
  • Applied and was accepted to serve as a Hmong interpreter for General Conference next month.
  • Nearly caught up watching Prison Break.
  • Traded in my sad, old iPod for a discount on a new Shuffle, perfect for running (I really was sad to say goodbye to it, and felt weird going to the Apple store, like I was walking into a futuristic toy store rather than a store of higher-end electronics).
  • Went to the airport to see a couple of mission friends come home, and went to hear one of my dearest ones speak at church.
  • Spent time with a few nice girls.
  • Saw at LEAST one mission friend every single day on campus (generally it's more like two or three on average).
  • Stressed just a little about my chances of getting into grad school (I think my referrals are going to be the key).
  • Talked to six people (and counting) on campus and one person over the phone about my FAFSA. It's a long story, and a pain, but it should be through in the next few days. In the meantime, a nice short-term loan is my friend.
So, there you go! A few events that have been occupying my time for the last fortnight. We'll see how this semester works out. It's nice being back in Provo, but I miss home. In fact, I'm home at this moment.


  1. Wow! A lot of changes for you. I am kind of sad we don't still live in Provo. Sounds like a party down there. Well, now we can make two stops when we are in the area. Good luck at school and with all the new stuff!

  2. Hey I changed my blog address-- it's now
    That's all!

  3. Sounds like you are adjusting to the college life again, and what a good time you are having. You have lots of friends down here as well, plus us!

    Also- I DID have injuries! You should see the bruise on my shoulder and knees! But yes, Jeff did get the better of it. The poor boy. But thanks for all your help!

  4. Well! There is so much I wanted to say to all of this. I wonder if I'll remember it all.

    Good luck with 8 roommates. I had 11 once and NO one did dishes. Fun that you're by Lili!

    Concert Choir, Shmonshert Shmire. If you were in that you'd have to come out singing in your big obnoxious vibrato-laden voice at the top of your lungs amongst the Women's Chorus girls waiting to go in while they either swoon or roll their eyes.

    WHY do you need a new ipod? Yours was tinsy!

    Ummm . . . that's all. Good luck!!!

  5. Sounds like your life is pretty well solidly booked. Good for you.

  6. I came across your blog through another friend's blog and as a current member of a BYU choir, I've got to say that due to your attitude, I'm not surprised you didn't get into Concert Choir. The directors are all very in tune with the Spirit and are very prayerful about who they take. With a "shoe-in" outlook at callbacks what else did you expect? Being a member of BYU Choirs has been such an awesome blessing in my life and I pity people who do it for other reasons and who think themselves "better" than those who DID make it. As for "Concert Choir Schmonshert Shire", sounds like someone's bitter about not getting into the choir she wanted once upon a time.

  7. Thank you for your comment! Yet another Anonymous poster! (I guess you might not know this, but I consider it an act of cowardice to post anonymously on a blog. If you have something to say, say it with a name.)

    And for your information, I spent all six years of my undergraduate schooling participating in BYU choirs, and enjoyed my time spent there very much. I am well acquainted with the music department faculty and staff, and as such have a bit of a history with them. I respect your right to comment what you think, but consider that there may be a lot more to the story than you at first think. I am sure the directors are quite careful about who goes on the final list, but it was recently spelled out to me in no uncertain terms that there are politics involved (i.e. music majors and those who have had voice lessons getting precedence, regardless of actual skill level, etc.).

    And anyway, since when is attitude a determining factor in choir auditions? Although I have known my fair share of somewhat-snooty people who participate in such choirs, so maybe that's a qualification. :)

    Question: What are these "other reasons" for which you presume people want to be in the choir?

  8. Wow, you'd think that the final callback would actually be a worthiness interview. Who brings the final list down to the director, an angel? Highly doubt it. Let's be real.

    9 roommates? That's ridiculous. And I don't really think I understand yet. Is one of your roommates Mung?

    LOST was awesome. I can't believe that one guy got turned into a grease stain on the road by a bus.

  9. All your life is going pretty well it seems. Sorry about the choir, but I don't think it means you weren't qualified. I have seen many auditions where the person qualified or most fit for the part didn't get it. What I THINK anonymous should have said, was that sometimes the Lord has different plans for you than you want. So now you have more time to do other cool things, yes? Also anonymous, don't you think that if the spirit had chosen people by attitude, you wouldn't be in the choir? I have been in plenty of choirs, as I am a vocal major also. There are always lots of different personalities, even snobs. So I don't know if your idea could be completely correct. And though you may not like to hear it, you and Drew are probably more alike than you think....

  10. also, that comment didn't imply that Drew was a snob, or that you were. Rather that people that aren't the most likeable get in those groups too.

  11. Man, I'm a bass! If only I were in Provo--I'd be a shoe-in!


    And 9 guys in there? For reals?

  12. Hey Drew, if you're in the library between 8-5 on Tuesday, 8-12 on Wednesday, or 9-4 on Thursday, you should stop by the M and D part, because I'm working there. The end.

  13. that's a LOT drew!! jeez... i'm so glad my life is less eventful... i get to just sit at a computer and feel my baby kick... that's about all the excitement i can take. I will pray for you!!! Don't get discouraged.

  14. Hooray for shaving! I'm not anti-facial hair, but I have to say that I really didn't like it on you. :D I'm sure some people did though. I'm probably just too attached to your "before you could grow facial hair" face.

  15. Yes, NINE guys living there, six upstairs, three down. And no, Chiv Keeb, none of them are Hmong. Brian and I SPEAK Hmong, but everyone else is just a regular old Miskas.

    FYI, I haven't shaved since Sunday and they didn't say a thing when I went to take my test at the testing center today. Hoorah.