Friday, September 19, 2008

Will These Guys Ever Be Free??

Within approximately one week I have watched 48 episodes of Prison Break (Season 1 was half over when I left for the MTC, and now Season 4 has just started). That is a lot of Scofield and Burrows. Luckily it was fun to catch up, or else all those hours would have been quite painful. There are only a couple of shows I felt like I needed to catch up on if I wanted to keep watching. As much as I love 24, Survivor and American Idol, those are shows you can just pick up and start watching again. If I started watching LOST, Prison Break or even The Office without catching up, I wouldn't have known a single thing about what was going on.

For the record, I think the first season of Prison Break was best of all of them. The rest are still okay, but going on a slight decline down the slope. And even though a lot of people hate Sara, I think she's cool. I also think they are really banking on the audience buying the fact that no one in the entire world could ever possibly be more brilliant than Michael Scofield.

That's all. Amazingly, I've also managed quite well to keep up with classes and had my first exam yesterday, which also went quite well, as far as I guess.


  1. Way to go on keeping up with your studies, but also keeping up on your shows! That is quite a lot to watch but if you did it for LOST, you could do it for other shows I am sure. Hope you arent dissapointed with the new season that just started!

  2. People hate Sara? It was SO boring without her. Last season was the lamest ever, I almost gave up. This season is being a little better. But that IS a lot of S & B. Sorry you had to go through it.

    And no, they'll never be free.

  3. Did someone say...The Office???


  4. I couldn't agree more! Season 1 was phenomenal and I fell deeply, madly in love with Wentworth Miller. 2 was good, 3 was annoying but tolerable, and let's just say now I'm only watching to see my boyfriend's cute smile, and Dominic Purcell is now becoming equally as cute.

    I haven't turned on the TV since the writer's strike. Something's gotta give! Okay, except for a few special shows. I'm still 1.5 seasons behind on Office, Lost, etc.