Friday, September 5, 2008

It's Coming...

Today I went running at high noon.

Three weeks ago such an activity would have proven impossible due to the killer sun and intense heat.

That's right... Fall is on its way.

Bring it.


  1. Yay! I loves me some fall weather! I'm so excited. I love the fact that it's quite chilly in my house when I wake up now!

  2. Bleck. I love fall, but dislike what comes after it. Though I know you are very excited for what comes after it...

  3. Lacie, I felt your pain, really. But WI somehow changed me.

    (Enter inspirational music)

    Because of that experience, I know that change is possible! Lacie, you can feel that same change in your life!

    (Music slowly swells)

    There is someone you can turn to, someone that will understand everything that you feel in your deepest deeps!

    (Music intensifies)

    There's still hope! Don't fight the love, don't push it away! It's there for you! For you!

    (As music fades, the faint 'Imperial March' from Star Wars is heard)

  4. Woot! I still can't run at noon. Yikes.

  5. This is only kind of related...I just have to say that I find it very unsporting of you to make me choose a favorite season! Where's the "All" option, huh?

  6. Good question. I feel like if I put an "All" or a "Some" option, most people will vote for one of those, since most people don't relegate their love of seasons to just one, leading to less interesting results. If I force people to choose one of the four, I can control the results more and make the poll far more interesting. Mwa ha!

  7. There are only a few months that we can run whenever we want-fun times!