Monday, September 8, 2008

I Refuse...

... to waste my blogposts going on and on about saccharine likes and interests without writing my true and honest feelings. I get bored with friends' and/or family's blogs that post nonstop sugar-coated posts with barely anything interesting and real to read. It's not realistic. It's not human. It's not life. This is something I learned especially on my mission. I tried to be honest in my letters home. I thought it wasn't an honest reflection of my feelings and thoughts to report only the gushy, gooey goings-on and ignore the trials and struggles and disappointments. I didn't like to DWELL on the negative, but I didn't want to pretend it wasn't there either. My parents were really grateful to hear all aspects of what was going on with me, it helped them feel involved and know what what in my heart and mind, good and bad. I like to post honestly, rather than fake around and pretend nothing is frustrating me. I would rather post the good and the bad and come across as a multi-faceted, realistic person with likes and dislikes, especially if something is bothering me. I think it's good to help others know what's out there and hopefully help them avoid some of the less worthwhile things themselves. Why is it such a big deal to have the occasional rant anyway? I think it makes things interesting. Otherwise, enjoy your no-conflict, real-life Seriously-So-Blessed blog.

And I only bring this up because my blogging practices and techniques have recently been attacked. Go figure.

EDIT: I also generally welcome and allow all comments, even negative ones, on my blog. I feel censorship of respectful opinion is a very unAmerican and Big-Brotherish practice. I really don't mind if people disagree with me, in fact, I quite like when people express their dissenting views, as long as they're respectful and venue-appropriate. It leads to healthy discussion (and sometimes amusing tirades), and formulation of educated and informed opinions. Disallowing opinions and views other than those that agree exactly with your own shows far more about the censor than those expressing their thoughts.

Some of the greatest changes of the world have happened when people expressed their frustrations in a public venue. And, if you can't vent on your blog, where CAN you vent?


  1. That's what a blog is for, isn't it? Although we want to hear good fun stuff once in a while, the best blogs are where people vent (as long as you aren't just pissy all the time. :D) Just be yourself!

  2. Who told you to sugar-coat the blog? And what "family" are you talking about? I think it's fine to express your feeling, as long as you don't want a bunch of sympathy comments, and I know you wouldn't.

  3. Ha ha! Oh, you.

    And anyway, even if you did, your dissent would be allowed here.

  4. Don't assume that everyone uses their blog for the same reasons that you do. That's the beauty of blogging.
    Some like to hear themselves talk, others use it for a journal, others a history, or to keep distant family and friends updated.
    We should all study the Dalai Lama and focus on creating peace instead of discord, love instead of hatred, tolerance instead of intolerance. Those who wave the banner of freedom of expression seem to be those same who can't seem to hear and accept others opinions. Always searching for the last word...usually to feed their own egos.
    Argument for the sake of argument is not about the argument, but about the arguer. It becomes about winning the argument, not about truly putting your ideas out there, take it or leave it. More can be revealed of oneself during that argument. Or, maybe an argument helps justify oneself and gives purpose and meaning to an otherwise empty life. Or, maybe it's not about the argument at all, but the attention that the controversy brings, sort of like always throwing a rock in a pond to always make sure that it's there, and putting your foot in it to keep making sure that the temperature hasn't changed, but never really getting in to take a swim.

  5. Anonymous! You're back!!! I've missed you so (presuming you're the same 'Anonymous' as before, which you very well may be). Thank you for your Flower-Power existentialist post.

    But I rarely argue just for the sake of arguing, at least I try not to. There's usually a point, and it's more than just to bring meaning to my so-called "empty life".

    Your post says a lot about you too, oh, except for your name. :)

  6. I don't know who your previous "poster" was, but this is a new one.
    I wasn't accusing you of anything, merely discussing people's need to blog.
    Do you feel you have an empty life? What do you fill it with?

  7. No, I don't feel my life is empty. I was referring to your implication that I did.

    And since you are a "new" Anonymous, I will state to you as I did to her that I feel it is generally cowardly and unnecessary to comment anonymously on someone else's blog.

    Thanks for your comments!

  8. You seem to be refraining from come?

  9. Good grief, these anon. people are giving me a bad name! Leave, you imposters!

    Drew, apparently us A.D.B. Members were misinformed on this. We were only supposed to send ONE anon. poster to a blog of this level of controversy. Hardly anything to get worked up over, if you ask me. Please do not discredit the validity of an anonymous comment due to the carelessness of our other members.

    Don't worry, we shall be back to facelessly, cowardly, and shamelessly bash you and your beliefs, but we will do it a little bit more responsibly this time.

    Your most devoted Anti-Drew's-Blog poster, anonymous.

    PS- Since we are beginning to be rather acquainted, please, call me Nonny! Or perhaps ymous. I will answer to either one. Thanks!

  10. Oh, I get it, you fill your time doing things that you can blog about, and then spend the rest of your day, blogging!

  11. What would you do if blogging didn't exist? How would you get all your thoughts out? How would you cope? What would you fill your day up with? Could you survive anonymity? Maybe being anonymous has its benefits? MMMMM.

  12. What a bunch of silly, entertaining contrivances! If we didn't have blogging, people would still get their thoughts out somehow. We always have before. Times change, and methods change. There have always been ways of expressing thoughts publicly. When blogging goes out, something else will come around.

    At least you've decided to put a name on your posts (albeit a false one) to allow Anonymous et al. to keep their program running smoothly.

    And I'm not avoiding arguing, it seems there's nothing really to argue about. Empty, sarcastic, amusing comments, why would I argue with those?

    Could _I_ survive anonymity? What does that have to do with anything?...

  13. I think that anonymity would kill you. You seem to be someone who loves attention. This blogging thing is a real outlet for you.
    It's so much easier than writing a book and hoping people would buy it. Putting all that money up and sacrificing so much to have it published...blogging is free and easy. With blogging, anyone can be a critic. You can create your own world without leaving your room. I wonder if people would be so bold in person, face to face, as compared to emails, blogs, etc...

  14. Writing a book... now there's an idea... Oh yeah. Been there, done that.

    I have had my share of relative online anonymity. I did just fine! If it's what someone is looking for, it's just as satisfying to have your say under a false name as it is with a real one. You should know! :) And I am pretty outspoken in person as well.

    I don't blog to create a world. I blog to comment on the world I see. And, I don't REALLY care if anyone reads it or not. I have my reasons, but I certainly don't blog for personal attention. But oh, you are so clever, you comment inanely on other people's blogs under a false name, and you can still have your say and get all the attention you crave without even having a blog of your own!

  15. Drew, what was the "recent" attack you were talking about? Also, this anonymous poster sounds a little like the one who has been popping up on my blog lately - disconcertingly pointed and eloquent and his/her criticisms. Whether it's the same person or not, I definitely had a hard time knowing how to respond. (Except to the one who said someone was a "looser." Couldn't let that one go, know EXACTLY how to respond.)
    But this is your space, even if you make people mad. Carry on and I will continue to agree and disagree with you at regular intervals. :)

  16. I got kind of stuck on something "Nonny" said and now it's all I can think of:

    "Sigh no more, ladies, sigh nor more;
    Men were deceivers ever;
    One foot in sea and one on shore,
    To one thing constant never;
    Then sigh not so,
    But let them go,
    And be you blithe and bonny;
    Converting all your sounds of woe
    Into. Hey nonny, nonny."

    Kenneth Branagh is so great in that movie!

  17. Cliff Claven-

    Oh I get it, you fill your time refreshing the page on Drew's blog, and then spend the rest of the day, making snide, immature remarks! Cool.

    What would you do if Drew's blog didn't exist? How would you get all your well thought out, mature comments heard? How would you cope? What would you fill your day with? You would have no more hobbies to keep you occupied.

    In case you missed the memo, we are having an Anti-Drew's-Blog meeting at Grandma's basement this Friday night. Your assignment is to bring the chilled vegetable platter. Don't forget to come up with three reasons why Drew is the only person in this world who isn't allowed an opinion.

  18. Hahahaha wow, Drew! Even on a post that's just ABOUT your controversial blogs, you manage to get this going. I am loving the various exchanges going on here.

    (And I'll add my question to Megan's--what recent attack are you talking about? We want in. :))

    Um, this impostor anonymous is turning out to be a pretty interesting character. I wonder if it's someone we all know, or if he's just found the link between your blog and Megan's? Either way, good times.

  19. Ooh and p.s.--the Much Ado About Nothing reference pretty much made my day. Amazing!