Thursday, May 22, 2008

Allow me to present...

The newest American Idol...


So, the weirdest thing in the world, especially for anyone who knows my fairly well. We weren't at home for the BIG (but, apparently, unnecessarily long and painstakingly drawn-out) finale, and strangely... I just didn't care! There was a time in my life that missing a single moment of American Idol--let alone the FINALE--would have been the end of the world for me. Either I'm growing out of it, or I'm disinterested with this season and its excessive drama. Anyway, I eventually just asked my brother to just tell me straight up who won. I have to say I'm glad of the outcome! Completely surprised, yes, but pleasantly (especially considering how the night before the judges were basically spelling it out for us that Archuleta had it in the bag--that is what I call mass manipulation...). I always thought Archuleta would win, though I thought that he shouldn't, and hoped that he wouldn't, mostly because I feel like he's just too young to be thrust into that kind of life. He is quite talented, but he has no idea what he's getting himself into. I feel like he first needs to finish AT LEAST his basic education, and maybe even some college. Besides that, I always just felt like Cook was a little more of a consummate performer. He always looked comfortable on stage and never made me feel nervous when he was about to perform. I know his music isn't exactly my style, and honestly, three seasons ago, I would have been rooting for his removal, but now, maybe because my taste is maturing, I think he's relatively original, and has been trying different things on the show, and honestly, it seems about time the rocker had his day (considering also that he is much better than rockers from past seasons). He's rock, but with a soft spot. I think the right David won, though I kind of also think that he was expecting not to. It's almost as though he would have been completely satisfied with second place, so he would have more free reign over his newly-acquired fame and up-and-coming record deal. Oh well, we'll see. In the long run, it'll be fine, for both of them probably.

Anyway, crazy. I didn't even care that I missed THE American Idol finale. Wow...


  1. Good job on being mature enough to deal with missing idol. It was a long show, but there were some good parts of it that I was glad they had. Also, Cook and Archie have different voice styles, so I would have been happy with either winning. Although Archie didn't win he is still going to be thrust into the spotlight. So might as well have wished him the win. I think he sings better. He is a bit young, but Carmen Rassmusen was the same age on idol and I didn't hear too much about her age when she was on. Just a thought. None the less....Congrats to David Cook.

  2. Yes, and Carmen also didn't win, but the fame still corrupted her. I have met her and she has an inflated head like you wouldn't believe! :) Besides, she was definitely 18 when the show started. Plus, you know how girls are more mature for their age than boys, generally... Plus, she also had no stage presence at the time.

    But in any case, I actually think that Cook does sing better. But to each his own, eh?

    Archie? Au yau.

  3. Well I'm glad that David you liked won. This post might've been twice as long with rants and raves. I wasn't really rooting for either. I just though both of them were pretty good. I didn't mind missing either. It's just not the same as it was three years ago.

  4. True, true. Jake always says that the finale of any reality show is a total let down. We don't really care who wins, just how they got there. And even if we do care, do we have to have a million other people singing and talking about it?? I say a short, Seacrest-free announcement would be just fine.

  5. Jonny and I, who had been watching the whole season this year, weren't sad a smidge to miss it either. They always make such a big to-do about the finale. I thought either David deserved the win. David Cook had my vote too, though. It's a fun show. Here's hoping no one is too corrupted by fame. It would be hard to avoid.