Friday, May 16, 2008


I mean... WOW! We just returned from watching the latest of the Chronicles of Narnia, and I just couldn't let another second pass before telling SOMEONE how amazing it was! I mean, really, why don't people make more movies like these?? Action, suspense, drama, romance, epic battles, innocence, goodness, and of course the symbolism /themes /message... It could be because there just aren't writers who are writing this kind of stuff anymore. Oh, C.S., how do we get along without you? In the days when even contemporary children's book series aren't safe from being tainted by the corruption and agendas of the world?? There were so many returning faces (some less welcome than others...) and a lot of new and interesting characters. The kids were great, growing so nicely into their roles, and Caspian himself was fantastic.

I am so glad that these movies are being made when they are. Even ten years ago the production quality would have just been totally substandard. Now they are just what they need to be (allegorical elements gloriously intact). I think C.S. would be very pleased indeed to know his movies are being treated with such elegance and respect. It's great how they manage to stay close to the source material but still branch off just enough to keep the battles and sidestories interesting.

See it. The astonishing series picks up right where it left off, and grips you until the end. And, it leads very much into the forthcoming The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. WOOT!


  1. Drew that was a really cool movie! I am glad that you liked it so much.

  2. Oh man, I really want to see it. As soon as I can I will drag my babykins into a theater!

    all the good movies came out right after I had her . . .

  3. I must needs watch this movie! Not that your review changed this fact, just reminded me of it. :D Now I just need time to do so.