Saturday, May 31, 2008

"Celebrity" Update

Regarding this post, I have finally gone ahead and called to sign up. The girls at the Scera office were a little short with me, but perhaps they had had a long day? Anyway, they asked the usual questions, including my phone number, address, T-shirt size, and my song choice. This rather came as a surprise to me, since I thought perhaps there would be a sort of list of songs the band has in their repertoire to choose from. They said a song choice was required upon registration, so on the spot, I decided to go with the classic Bridge Over Troubled Water. I have sung it so many times that I can perform it on a moment's notice, and besides, I always think it's an audience-pleasing number. I suppose if I had to, I could adjust it, but I think that's a good one to go with.

For those who are interested, this event is a public affair, performed in the outdoor Shell theater at the Scera, and anyone and everyone is hereby invited to attend. There are six competition dates to choose from throughout the summer, and the one I picked is 16 July. There's a nominal entry fee ($4 per, I believe), but afterwards, beginning at about dusk, they will show an included outdoor movie. The movie on the night of my is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (secretly, I think that had something to do with the night I chose... or maybe not so secretly anymore I guess...).

Anyway, that's the update! Everyone come! It will be great fun and then we can join Harry and Co. in their fifth cinematic adventure!


  1. Wow Drew that sounds great. What a fun experience. I wish I lived there still because I would totally come watch and support. Good Luck!

  2. I wish I could be there to see you in all your glory. Somebody must record it for me. I can't wait.