Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jane Turpin!

Here she is!!! Baby and mommy.

Hurrah, now I shall post officially that Janey is in town. Mom is certainly on the east coast by now (Good Morning, Baltimore!), and probably holding her newest granddaughter in her capable arms. I am so glad to know Cami and Jane are both doing so well after so much stress about labor and delivery. That makes my nephews:nieces ratio 4:5! Janey tipped the scale toward the girls! Hurrah. I can't wait to meet the baby when she comes to visit in a few weeks for the wedding.

Also, I really hope Mom did all right with her very dramatic flight...

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  1. Thanks a lot for posting about Janey! Now I am in trouble with Cami for not posting it yet!! Oh, and thanks for adding yourself to my blogger friends list! Hurray!!