Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Zoo Siab Lub Tsib Hli Ntuj tim Tsib!

Yes, just like the title of this post said, Happy Cinco de Mayo! (Slightly belated though it may be.) I hope everyone else had as much fun celebrating a completely non-American holiday as I did! I spent the evening watching the unintentionally semi-related masterpiece West Side Story with Mom, Dad, Jared, and Amber & Co., and then came home for a sadly pinata-less party (I know you tried, Lacie!) and played Family Feud and watched Ocean's Thirteen with kith and kin. It was a glorious celebration, though I know few if any who even know the real point as to why our southern neighbors celebrate the fifth of May. No matter, welcome to America! Next up, Independence Day!!!

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  1. *sniff* oh how I tried to find a pinata. I will have one for next year...mark my words. I will go to "di ends of di ert" to find one.