Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Good, the Bad, and...

The good: My older sister has just moments ago delivered her first daughter! (Two boys prior.) She was only 7 pounds! A smaller child, compared to her other two, and a relatively short delivery! I am so glad the baby came at last, Cami was having such a hard time with waiting for labor and worries about timing and making sure everything happened that needed to. Castor oil seems to have done the trick!

The bad: American Idol is ridiculous. If Jason Castro is not voted out this week, I'm not watching the finale, and I'm actually detached enough this season to follow through. I'm one of the rare few that don't actually gush over Archuleta every week. He's good, of course, but he's way too young, and tries to sing love songs like he actually knows what love is! Ah, who does? Anyway, I'm actually rooting for the rocker this time around. I've never hoped they win before, but maybe he will make up for Bo and Chris (I refuse to refer to him by his last name only) and rock will rule this season. But honestly, I felt like I was watching the clown act at a circus while Jason was singing (and holding, not playing, but holding his guitar, not to mention when he forgot the words).

And the ugly? I guess there isn't any right now. Except that I showed my BYU senior project "Noggin" to Mom and Dad just now, and as ever, I think the Bellyface characters are just hideous. The 2D intro is just beautiful, though!


  1. Dude! Nice posting skills. I found out about Cami's baby from your weblog! Huzzah!

  2. I am for David Cook too. Although I do think David Archuletta is amazing. Here's hoping he isn't ruined by the fame, as you predict.

    Yes, Cami's baby is a doll! Another J-Baby to add to the collection!

  3. Hi. I'm Cami's friend. I think we met before your mission. Anyway, that little niece of yours is beyond cute.

    I was watching American Idol at Jake & Cami's. I was there with the boys as they went to the hospital. I am telling you, I just kept saying why is Jason still on? It was uncomfortable to watch. I am with you, he had better be voted off.