Monday, October 20, 2008

Speaking of 8...

From Proposition 8 to an 8 Things tag... I read this on Cami's blog, and her final 8 made it quite clear to me that I was tagged to do this as well.

8 TV Shows I love to watch:
  1. Prison Break
  2. House (sometimes, not so much lately)
  3. The Office
  4. Survivor
  5. American Idol
  6. Daria (though I've seen every rerun a billion times)
  7. The Simpsons (not religiously, but I do die laughing when I watch it)
  8. LOST
8 Favorite Restaurants:
  1. Olive Garden
  2. Macaroni Grill
  3. Cafe Rio
  4. Wendy's
  5. Carl's Jr.
  6. Bangkok Grill (or any number of certain Thai places)
  7. Los Hermanos (or any number of certain Mexican places)
  8. Those awesome Chinese buffets they have all over the midwest (Appleton's Big Shanghai Buffet is amazing)
8 Things That Happened Yesterday:
  1. I went to church in Moab.
  2. We had a really good lunch of BLTs with the inspired addition of avocado.
  3. I listened to a boring Disney podcast.
  4. I watched a hilarious episode of the IT Crowd on the way home from Moab with Elise and Jeff (which ride home was long and painful).
  5. I webcammed with Emily for her birthday and Julie for fun.
  6. We had an amazing plate lunch gathering with the family for the twins' and Amber's birthday.
  7. I went to be at a semi-reasonable hour (not really though).
  8. I took some medicine in an attempt to not feel like total rubbish.
8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
  1. Christmas music!!
  2. Being done with my two tests this week.
  3. Finishing The Great Gatsby tonight.
  4. Watching Prison Break live tonight!
  5. LOST starting again.
  6. Getting my grad school application together and sent off.
  7. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince coming to theaters at last.
  8. 6-9 November.
8 Things On My WishList:
  1. New running shoes.
  2. A new suit, preferably one that fits.
  3. A French Horn (I've wanted one since high school).
  4. Acceptance into grad school.
  5. To not be sick anymore!
  6. An iHome setup of some kind.
  7. LOST seasons 2-4 on DVD.
  8. A new car (why not?)
8 People I'm tagging:
  1. Melody?
  2. Emily?
  3. Vanae?
  4. Jared
  5. Lacie
  6. Elise
  7. Julie
  8. You (to borrow Cami's answer)


  1. I'm off to go watch PB right now. I haven't been so sure about this season, but the last episode sealed the deal for me. I will now continue watching, because Gretchen (who we obviously used to HATE) has become a complete bad-A.

  2. I've never been to Bangkok Grill. We love Thai so we'll have to head there soon.

    Fun lists!

  3. It's hard to say what I like more--making lists or reading other people's lists.

    Did you ever have the mushroom burger at Carl's Jr. (it was one of their Six Dollar burgers)? That thing was heavenly.

    (November 6!)

  4. The Bangkok Grill is so yummy! They give you TONS of food too. I wonder if I could come up with 8 TV shows that I like, hmmm. At least not current ones anyway.

  5. Nice job! I forgot Fringe on my shows. How sad that I have that many RIGHT NOW, not including the ones coming on soon (24, Lost, 30 Rock . . . )

    You guys have yummy foods in Utah. Me jealious.

  6. What is tagging? Like tag in photos? I think I missed the idea here. Whenever I look at your blog, I feel like I need to be blogging it up. You're so good at keeping up-to-date. I like it.

  7. Not really like tagging photos, Vanae... Tagging in blogging is just when someone tags you (like, "tag, you're it") to continue or follow through with the blog game or blogpost. So, since I was tagged, I decided to do this post but with my own information. Kind of a like a blog chain letter, though it rubs me the wrong way a little bit to think of it that way.