Sunday, October 26, 2008

"To the One..."

Apparently I was the subject of a most vicious and bitter (and, to borrow a phrase, poorly-constructed yet potentially harmful) blog diatribe back in the midst of my first new-to-the-blogging-world controversy which came to my attention just tonight. I am continually amazed at the passionate feelings this subject elicits, although I guess by now I really shouldn't be. I realize my very being is a threat to a currently popular worldview, but I am who I am. So yeah, according to this blogpost, I exhibit "a limited vocabulary and ... inadequate grasp of grammar", a certain amount of self-loathing, and old-fashioned views. Oh, and my Hmong name is the result of a diet Sprite spill on my computer keyboard (that was actually pretty amusing).

Ummm... I write in general against principles and subjects, never against individuals. Why is it okay for some people to do that?


P.S. the link above contains some swears, but even more dangerous are the falsehoods and tragic story of a misdirected and misunderstood loss of faith. Just so you know.


  1. Sheesh! This guy needs to get over himself. It seems HE is the one who knows nothing about the situation, not the other way around. Personally, I think he hid is ability to say pretty much nothing at all interesting in his passion for fancy words. Nice job dude.

  2. Say, how did they know you drink diet?

  3. Good question! Since... well... I don't. Not if there's another option anyway.