Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Borrowed Tag

I borrowed this from my friend Julie's blog. It was an unofficial tag, and I felt like doing it, so there.

i am - home from a long day of classes.

i think - too much about little things. (I borrowed this answer from Julie too, it fits me perfectly.)

i want - a lot of money (maybe just "a comfortable amount of money").

i have - a lot of awesome friends and family.

i wish - I could give up my bad habits.

i hate - bad acting in movies.

i miss - Appleton.

i fear - being alone forever.

i feel - sleepy, but accomplished.

i hear - "Patience" from Dreamgirls (and crickets chirping outside).

i smell - remnants of a kitchen fiasco yesterday involving a roommate's overcooked and badly burned burrito.

i search - for the best way to translate random, pseudo-deep church phrases into colloquial, understandable Hmong.

i wonder - why WB really decided to push back the release of the next Harry Potter movie.

i regret - being mean to my younger sisters when we were little.

i love - ice cream.

i care - about the details.

i always - check my email.

i am not - good at remembering things (which goes against caring about the details, I know).

i believe - " Christ, He is my King..."

i dance - hardly ever anymore! But in my day, I was quite the clogger, and even did a little tap. (Sometimes I kind of dance while running... like, dance-running, but mostly running in time to my music with occasional subtle hand flourishes.)

i sing - often and always. Not always out loud, but there's usually an earbud growing out of my ear, and I sing along in my heart.

i don't always - remember to read my scriptures every day.

i write - using unusually and unnecessarily verbose and superfluous verbiage. I rest my case.

i win - at nothing for which I audition or apply!

i lose - pounds every day I don't eat but still go running. (I know, totally healthy lifestyle, right?)

i never - feel prepared for an exam at school.

i listen - to musical theater soundtracks. A lot.

i can usually be found - on facebook.

i'm scared - of sharks.

i read - every day (usually text), and I'm getting through 1984 at last!

i'm happy about - Linda Eder's new CD.


  1. So THAT'S the secret? Run and don't eat?

    FINALLY! thankyouonbehalfofwomeneverywhere@!@#!@

  2. I like all your answers. You make very original comments. I would have said something like:
    i am- someone cool LOL!!1!
    i think- Of StUfF@!!
    i want- things omg!!!


    Good job.

  3. Very fun! Maybe I shall do it.

  4. Hurrah, I'm glad you took my tag and ran with it!

    o Burned burrito? Yuck. Remind me to tell you about the pungent dish my Hmong roommate made.

    o My brothers were mean to me when I was little. Luckily they've made up for it since, as I'm sure you have.

    o "earbud growing out of my ear" kind of sounds like medical condition that requires surgery.

  5. All of those are true. All of them.

  6. Remember to eat. And that is awesome that you are still running. (Sometimes it's hard to keep it up with school and all.) I should like to hear her new cd myself.