Thursday, July 3, 2008

Back online at last

Okay, so it's only been two days since the internet went out inexplicably. Well, not exactly inexplicably... There was a split-second blip in the power on Monday night, which was apparently just enough to completely screw up the wireless router on the main computer in the house. For a while at least that computer was online, though it wouldn't let any nearby computers latch on. Anyway, after that, last night and all of today neither the wireless nor the main computer would log on. We were all at a loss, and today I was seriously losing it, home alone and off-line. I felt positively prehistoric! I am so spoiled and dependent. But I was just annoyed because a silly little blip in the power shouldn't cause such drastic ramifications! (And yes, there were actually two blips that night, so good thing I didn't get it up and running only to lose it all again!) And it was also annoying because the router software seemed to indicate that the wireless was working, and all of our computers should be recognized by the signal. Bleh. So then tonight I went running and to play volleyball with the singles ward, and then, came home, and decided to take good old Roy's general advice ("Have you tried turning it off and on again?"), even though I had tried this method many times already to this point. But I rebooted the computer, unplugged and replugged the internet router, and imagine my surpreeze when the internet appeared to work! Almost afraid of what would or wouldn't happen, I went and tried to connect mine, and voila, here I am, back in action.

It's funny how important things such as this become to you. I mean, work, school, play, so much depends on being connected in this way. What DID they do in the old days? And funny, for all my time-filling, I still feel like I didn't really accomplish that much...


  1. It is kind of strange to think that there used to be no Internet. It wasn't even that long ago, really, and yet I can't remember how I entertained myself. I didn't have it for the first week or so after I moved here and I felt so cut off and isolated. And bored.

    ..And is that "surpreeze" a Series of Unfortunate Events (movie) reference or am I just crazy?

  2. I feel your pain! Our internet is spotty at best! Just and I just sit there and restart computers all day long, hoping the next time we restart the internet will connect. The worst part is, it isn't just crappy internet that comes with the apartment, it is internet that we are paying for!!! Argh.

    Remember that one time when the internet went out when mom and dad were out of town, and for the next 4 days we had absolutely nothing to do, so we just watched LOTR and switched off playing Spider Solitaire? Ha ha.

  3. HA HA, omg Lili that was the best. I even drew a picture of that event. Remember when we both ran for the computer at the same time? That was so funny.

    And, "control". yes, that was a Count Olaf reference. Well spotted!

  4. I don't KNOW what people did before the internet--and indeed, before blogging! Sheesh! I'd have HOURS of time without it.

    Also, when IS someone going to send us a DVD of The IT Crowd. I simply cannot watch it on YouTube and get Jake to be interested.

  5. I don't know how many times I have used Roy's advice! I'm a tech at my school and I say that all the time, LOL! I loves me some IT Crowd, the first season anyway. "Get out of the lift, get out of the lift..."