Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Boy Who Lived

Yes, that's right, today is Harry James Potter's birthday, and to commemorate, I am going to try to get myself through another chapter or two in my reread of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (it's taking me some time to get through it again for some reason, but I want to so I can get some drawings out of my head and onto paper). I used to try and do a birthday drawing every couple of years, but this year I'm going to stick with one (above) from a few years ago.

Also, for those who are unaware, in the past couple of days, a lot of Half-Blood Prince news has been released, including the official, substantial trailer! There was a ridiculous semi-teaser released a week or two ago:

...but it's just a generic set of titles with audio and no pictures that could have been an advert for any of the previous films, so the fans are glad to finally have a real teaser with clips from the new film:

It looks pretty promising. I like Tom so far, and am intrigued by the brief appearances of Ron and Ginny (although Hermione is curiously absent...). The fans are pretty excited to have anything though, since according to past film schedules we should have had a trailer weeks ago.

Update: Interesting side note--The young actor playing Tom Riddle is Hero Fiennes-Tiffen. Yes, that's right, he's actually the nephew of Ralph Fiennes, who played rejuvenated Lord Voldemort. Now that's an interesting bit of casting! If only Ralph had a teenage son who could play Tom in his school years...

Happy birthday, Harry! Oh, and J.K. as well.


  1. Ooh! Now I'm excited and I can't wait for November!

  2. Yes, don't worry, Jake is on top of trailer world, so we watched it the nanosecond it came out! I just can't wait!! It looks goooood.

  3. Wooo watching Harry Potter trailers are du best. And it looks awesome. Creapy, but awesome. Just like the book!