Thursday, July 10, 2008


It has happened! I am yet again banned from an online discussion forum! Only this time it was totally undeserved--last time it was only partly deserved. They thought I was posting under multiple names (I admit I did use another name once, which was an admittedly silly thing to do, and after the first and only time, I haven't reposted since, but after being discovered, do they REALLY think I would be stupid enough to post with yet ANOTHER pseudonym? Goodness, give me some credit!). This is always such a revealing practice. Silencing the truth strikes again!

Even if it is the result of a foolish misconception, it's kind of fun to be an outlaw.


  1. What a shame. I will be there to comment for you on that site.

  2. Big surprise. How can a group who is so big about being loving and accepting, demonstrate such intorance and hate towards other people who are different than them? Tis very ironic.